Well, this year really flew by, and it is almost Christmas time! 


We understand that a lot of you will be traveling to see friends and family for the holidays, so we wanted to give you three quick tips to make sure that you arrive safe and sound.


1. Get a ride to the airport. If you are going to fly, we recommend a great service called Bec N Call! They will pick you up at your home and take you to the airport. That way you have peace of mind knowing that your car is safe and sound in your garage, as opposed to the airport parking lot. 


2. Get your car checked out before you travel. Make sure you get your vehicle checked out before driving to your destination. We are going to be open and working all the way up to Christmas—we’re going to be closed on Christmas Day, but up until that day, if you need us, we’ll be open! But if not us, do take your car to a shop that you trust to get it checked out for anything that could go wrong so you don’t have any trouble on your trip.


3. Get your car checked out after you travel. Also, get your vehicle checked out when you come back from your trip! A lot of people don’t think about this, but a long road trip can take a toll on a vehicle. And sometimes people forget to get their cars checked out on the way to their destination, but you can always get it checked out when you come back! Again, even if it’s not us, get your car into a shop you can trust, that way you’re safe on the road this holiday season. 


For all your automotive needs we suggest you check out our Facebook page for daily tips. We hope you all have a happy holiday season! Merry Christmas!


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