What a fun time of year!  School is getting out, pools are filling up and families are starting to go on vacation.  With most people trying to save as much money as possible, many are opting to drive instead of fly when traveling to their destinations.  Many prefer this option to take their time and see the country.  To ensure that vehicles can endure the trip, here are some tips on what to do before you leave to make sure that your summer trip goes smoothly.


1. Tires:  Be sure to have your tires inspected and rotated before going on long trips.  There’s nothing worse than a flat tire or blowout when on an interstate.  Especially outside of city limits.

2. Fluids: As we transition from Spring to Summer, it’s best to have all of the vehicle’s fluids checked.  From oil and transmission fluid to windshield wiper fluid, be sure to have a professional check the levels and quality so you have a safe trip without breaking down.


3. Suspension/Alignment:  Driving long distances with a car out of alignment can do serious damage to your vehicle. It can also put unnecessary stress on your tires.  Be sure to have this checked out before taking off.


4. Roadside Assistance:  Even if you have your vehicle checked out and everything looks good, issues can still happen.  Flat tires or running out of gas can leave you and your family stranded so it’s a good idea to make sure you have roadside assistance before going on vacation.  This is typically very inexpensive and worth every penny.

Summer is a great time of year when it comes to vacation and we hope these tips ensure that you and your family have a great and safe time if you decide to travel by road.  Have a great summer!!


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