The weather in Texas seems to change by the day...well, sometimes by the minute!  Eventually, it will get cold and stay cold for a couple of months. When a vehicle breaks down, it's not a good day. When it breaks down in the cold, it's even worse!  Here are a few tips to make sure your vehilce is running in prime condition during the Winter months.


1. Allow your vehicle to warm up:  This falls in the category of things you need to hear instead of want to here.  It's best to set your alarm a few minutes early in the morning to allow for time to warm up your vehicle before your morning commute. This allows your vehicle's fluids to get moving on a cold day. It's basically like letting our bodies warm up before execersing.


2. Check your fluid:  As it gets colder, be sure that your antifreeze is up to date.  Also be sure you're keeping up with oil changes.  Our vehicle's fluids are vital to a properly functioning engine so these checks are necessary to make sure your car or truck can endure the cold.  Even though we're in Texas, temperature can drop in a hurry.  It's best to have this done BEFORE the extremely cold weather arrives. 


3. Have your a/c checked:  You may be thinking, "check the a/c? in the winter?" It's imperative that your a/c is working properly in the Winter because it allows your vehicle to reduce the amount of moisture inside when you turn your heat on. This is why your a/c light comes on when you defrost your vehicle.


We don't experience much of a Winter here in McKinney, however, it does get cold enough to take some proactive steps to care for your vehicle.  Please do not wait until it's freezing cold to take action.  Please schedule an appointment with a shop you trust.  To contact us for an appointment, please call us at 972-978-8797.  We look forward to keeping you safe and warm this Winter!


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