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The North Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church is going back to their early Methodist roots by engaging with people where they live and work.  As in its beginnings, United Methodists in North Texas are tutoring, mentoring, and helping children improve their reading skills.  Stonebridge United Methodist Church is one of the churches involved in this movement.

The Conference pledged that each of its 300 churches in the 21 counties would engage with public schools throughout North Texas, with members of its congregations committing to spend one hour a week actively building one to one relationships. Stonebridge UMC currently has 50 of its members, including Pastor John McLarty, visiting the campus of Malvern and working with the students at least once a week.

“Our One + One program with the students at Malvern is an amazing opportunity for our church.  Once you experience those amazing kids, your own life is changed.  Their excitement is uplifting, their smiles infectious, and their love for their teachers unmatched.  They are shining examples of what God can accomplish through our church,” said Stonebridge UMC member Dan Casey. “I have been blessed beyond anything I could have imagined.  I am truly smitten with these children, “ he added.

“It has been nice to watch the One+One classroom partners program develop.  Stonebridge UMC volunteers have become valuable members of our Malvern family, supporting classrooms in a wide variety of ways.  You are truly a blessing to our staff and students,” said Rhonda Gilliam, Malvern Elementary principal.

In addition to the One+One program, Stonebridge UMC also provides food for Malvern families over the summer, school supplies, coats, and coordinates the Angel Tree gift-giving program at Christmas. 

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