So, the kids are back in school! My kids are grown now, but I do remember the hustle and bustle of the school year! From going to sports practices, to drop-off and pick-up, and getting them up early, and breakfast, and dinner, and then — oh my gosh, it’s the weekend! Where do we get a workout in? And how do we eat healthy?


But you know, it’s so important that we stay healthy during these busy times. Here are a few things we can do throughout the school year to make sure that we are healthy and fit. 


1.  The first thing you can do — and this may sound like a broken record, but it’s not rocket science, because it’s not going to change — You need to be drinking your Shakeology! Whether you’re making a shake in the morning, or having one at lunch, you know you’re guaranteed to have at least one healthy meal a day! Let Shakeology be your shortcut to a healthy meal. 


2.  The second thing you can do is to make time. I know it’s easy to say, “I don’t have time!”  Schedule your exercise time like it’s an appointment with yourself. It’s that important! Whether you’re doing a Beachbody program, or jogging, or doing your own fitness routine at the gym, it doesn’t matter — you need to schedule it like it’s a doctor’s appointment or a client appointment. Make it important to you!


3.  Finally, get the kids involved! Make sure you’re preparing healthy snacks for them, whether you’re preparing school lunches or an after-school snack. Lead by example! If you’re eating healthy, typically your kids will eat healthier. And if you’re outside playing with them, you’re helping them get healthy and fit. So don’t just stop with you, pass it down to the kids. Obesity is a big deal in this country, so we want to make sure that we’re educating our children through our actions.


I hope these tips help you get through the school year healthier, and hopefully that will translate into happy moms and dads, and happy kids, too!


For more tips, please visit my website Have a great school year! 

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