3 Easy Ways to be a Better Beachbody Coach


1.  Sharewear — always wear your Beachbody T-shirts, tank tops and things of that nature to the grocery store, on your errands or anywhere you can. They’re perfect conversation starters! You never know when someone might see your shirt and ask, “What’s Beachbody?” Or, “What’s Insanity?” This is a perfect way to get people to approach you, and to bring Beachbody up in conversation naturally. Always be wearing your Beachbody and Shakeology shirts when you’re out and about!


2.  Focus on helping —  instead of talking about how much money you’re making, talk about how many people you’ve helped. Talking about money is a turnoff for some people, and may keep them from wanting to hear more about your business. Share stories about the people you’ve helped instead! Share about the people at your church, or at work, or in your circle of friends that you’ve helped to live better lives through being healthy. Talk about their successes, and how great it feels to be helping people lose weight, get fit, and feel better about themselves!


3. Use the products! — this should be a given! It’s very hard to sell Shakeology if you’re not drinking Shakeology daily! It’s very hard to sell PiYo if you’ve never done PiYo! The more you use the products the better you will understand them. When you can actually see how your body benefits from Shakeology, it’s easy to share your excitement! When you have that depth of knowledge about the different exercise programs you’ll know just what programs to recommend to your clients, and how to help them get the most benefit. And by using the products yourself, you become a product of the product, so everyone can see by looking at you how much you’ve benefitted from Beachbody!


So there you have it, my three tips for being a better Beachbody coach: always wear the products, tell stories about people you’ve helped and how far they’ve come, and always lead by example — let everyone see how much Beachbody has done for you!


I hope this helps you to become a better Beachbody coach! I’m Melissa McAllister - thank you for reading, and please share with anyone you think it might help! 


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