A lot of you know that I’ve been doing PiYo for a long time. PiYo is Beachbody’s program that combines moves from yoga and Pilates, but in a way that gives you a challenging, all-over, sweaty workout. I absolutely love it, and I want you to love it too! Here are four reasons why you should consider giving PiYo a try:


1) — No weights! I know a lot of us ladies love to work out, we want to stay fit, but not all of us like to use weights. One of the great things about PiYo is that there are absolutely no weights involved. All you need is yourself, and a yoga mat! The exercises are all bodyweight moves, and you’re going to be amazed at how much you can do just using your own body!


2) — It’s geared towards every fitness level. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced; or maybe you used to be into fitness but now there are kids, there’s work … oh my gosh, you look up and you haven’t worked out in two years!  PiYo will still work for you. It’s great for beginners, but it will still give advanced exercisers a great workout.


3) — It’s low impact. As we get older some of us have knee problems, back problems, and other challenges. PiYo is very low-impact, so you can still get a complete workout without having to worry about putting stress on your knees and joints.


4) — It really sculpts and defines! I talk about this a lot. Sometimes your goal is not to lose weight, but to trim and tone your body. I know I’ve seen great benefits in my abs from doing PiYo. It’s a great way to do some sculpting and get some of that definition in your body!


It’s also a great program to look into if you just want to dip your toe into an exercise program! I highly recommend a PiYo class! Check out my website at to find out more about how to get started with PiYo!

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