It is officially summertime, and that means going on vacation and traveling! So let’s talk about some ways to stay healthy while we travel. As we all know, we tend to let ourselves go a little bit when we’re on vacation, right? But we can still stay healthy while we have fun! Here are three tips for how to have a healthy vacation.


1) — Bring your Shakeology with you! There will be many meal choices that are out of your control while you’re on vacation. You might end up eating at a relative’s house, a resort, or at a hotel, and sometimes you don’t have as much control over what you’re eating. But if you have your Shakeology shake with you, you’ll know that you’ll have at least one nutritious meal a day!


2) — Portion control! This goes along with not having control over your meals. If you don’t have much control over what you eat, you still have control over how much you eat! If the only thing they’re serving at one of your vacation functions is country-fried steak, go ahead and eat! But maybe only eat half of it, and then have a salad if you can. Utilize portion control when the content of the food is out of your control. 


 3) — Stay active! Be sure to bring a fitness DVD with you, or do some kind of fitness activity every day. Sometimes this can seem difficult if you’re at a hotel that doesn’t have an adequate gym, or if you’re staying at a relative’s house. But remember, there are many things we can do that don’t require weights or equipment! Bodyweight exercises such as sit-ups, push-ups and pull-ups don’t need much space. Go for an evening walk if it’s too hot to get out during the day, or an early morning run. Get creative! There are many different things you can do to stay active even if you’re not in the comfort of your own home. 


These things will help you to return from your travels just as healthy and fit as when you left. I hope you all have a great vacation! For more tips, please visit my website Have a healthy summer! 

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