You know I love Shakeology! It’s packed full of superfood nutrition, good protein, fiber, antioxidants, and even probiotics. And you’ve heard me talk about how it’s the healthiest meal of your day. But did you know how versatile it is?


1. Meal replacement/supplement. Of course, you can use Shakeology as one of your meals. Many people have a shake for breakfast, getting their day started off right with superfood nutrition! You can add fruit, extra protein, healthy fats, whatever you need for your most delicious, nutritious, and easiest meal of the day.


2. Beat the afternoon slump. You know how we often start to have an energy slump in the afternoon? Don’t reach for coffee or one of those energy drinks! Those will perk you up, but will quickly put you back down in another energy slump. Shakeology will not only perk you up, but it supports healthy blood sugar levels so that energy will be sustained through the rest of your afternoon. You’ll feel great!


3. Workout recovery. After you’ve had a tough workout, your body needs to replenish its stores. You need protein, electrolytes and calories … but not too many calories! Shakeology is perfect for workout recovery, full of protein, minerals, electrolytes, and just the right amount of calories. 


4. Healthy snacks. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a healthy snack you could go to, so that you could pick yourself up and beat cravings without compromising your nutrition? Well, you do! Shakeology is so flexible. You can have half a scoop, if you just need a little something. Or, you can even mix it up with peanut butter and other healthy ingredients, to make energy balls or other on the go snacks!  And that leads me to a really fun way to use Shakeology:


5. Dessert! Craving something sweet after dinner, and you just can’t kick it? Shakeology to the rescue! Try mixing up some chocolate Shakeology with rolled oats, protein powder, peanut butter and bananas, and then freeze. Boom! Healthy chocolate treats! Or, add some vanilla Shakeology to the milk of your choice, add peanut butter and bananas, blend it up and freeze—healthy, yummy ice cream! Enjoy your sweet treats without any guilt!


Did I miss anything? Let me know how you use Shakeology!

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