Beachbody is such a great company—great products, great supplements—I just love everything about it! And I love that it allows you to build a business as well! 


The key to a great Beachbody business is having a great team, so today I want to talk specifically about some ways you can build a successful team. 


1. Lead by example. You have to lead by example! If you’re not on the calls, if you’re not drinking Shakeology, if you’re not running challenge groups, your team is going to see that—and they’re not going to be on the call, they’re not going to drink Shakeology, and they’re not going to do the challenge groups! You have to do what you want your team to do as well, so you have to be able to lead by example.


2. Attract, don’t push! You want to attract team members. You don’t want to push people to be a coach! We all know those people who are a little too pushy. What happens is that you end up with guilt coaches—meaning they only signed up to get you off their backs. You don’t want those! You want people who see what you’re doing, love the results that you’re getting, love the energy that you’re getting from Shakeology and working out, and love the fact that you’re able to make some additional money, and they want to be just like you! You’re attracting those people. They’re thinking, “I want what you have!” as opposed to the people who are thinking “Yes, I’ll sign up, anything to get you off my back!”


3. Communication is key. To build a successful team you have to communicate. You can do this through weekly or monthly calls with your team, a dedicated Facebook group, a group text—whatever it is, everyone needs to be on the same page, motivated to show each other, push each other, hold each other accountable.


4. Personal development. Whether you’re reading 10 pages a day, or soaking in professional development videos, or have a coach … find and use some tool that will make you better on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Always be improving! And this will lead to your team doing the same thing. If you want to build a successful team, it starts with you making yourself better. 


Hopefully these tips help you build up your team! If you have any tips that I may have left out, feel free to add them in the comments!

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