You all know that good health starts with good nutrition, right? The best exercise plan in the world isn’t really going to give you the results you want unless your body is getting the nutrition it needs. 


Here’s what your body needs: At least three servings of vegetables a day (more is better). Fruits. Superfoods like blue-green algae, chia seed and wheat grass. A full spectrum of vitamins. Prebiotics and enzymes, which help maintain good digestion. And don’t forget the high-quality protein!


You got all that? 


That’s a lot of stuff to keep track of. It’s got to be expensive to buy all of that. And to be honest, it doesn’t sound very appealing. I bet you’d rather just drink a nice, chocolate shake. Or a vanilla shake. Or cafe latte, or tropical berry, or…that's right, I'm talking about Shakeology! Shakeology combines all of that, and much more, into a delicious shake. Here is why I drink it every day, and why you should too:


1. Nutrition! I’ve already told you the very best reason to drink Shakeology. It’s hard to get all of the high-quality nutrition your body needs every day. Shakeology makes it easy. One shake is packed with superfoods, vitamins, prebiotics, enzymes, super greens and whey protein. Whew! All that, in one shake. And it’s absolutely delicious. You have never seen an easier and more delicious way to get in all your nutrients!


2. Energy! These ingredients work together to energize your body. Who needs coffee? Shakeology gives you the energy you need to get your day going, and to power through your workouts. This is also a more sustained energy than you’re going to get from coffee. The ingredients in Shakeology work to keep your blood sugar level on an even keel, so you won’t end up in a slump.


3. Lose weight!  Another benefit of the ingredients in Shakeology is that they keep you from craving things that are bad for you. And if you do find yourself wanting a treat you can have an absolutely delicious shake or other Shakeology treat that nourishes your body and doesn’t sabotage your healthy eating habits. You won’t feel like you’re depriving yourself of anything, and that makes it easier to stick to your plan. 


4. Save time and money! Like I said above, buying all those ingredients separately costs a lot. And then it takes time to eat or take each of those things separately. The best way to maintain good nutrition is to make it easy. Remember, I always tell you to plan ahead to have easy, healthy snacks to grab, to make it easy to stick to good nutrition and not run for the junk food. Shakeology is the easiest way to get great nutrition, every day. And when you add up the amount you’d spend buying each of the ingredients separately, Shakeology is a deal!


5. It’s delicious! Really. If you’ve never tried it, let me know. You won’t believe how good a healthy drink can taste!


Why do you love Shakeology? Let me know! And if you’ve never tried it, let me know that too.

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