One of the biggest reasons people quit working out is they lose their motivation. Motivation can be tough to hang on to, especially if you’re not seeing all the changes you expected to see right away. It can be really discouraging, say, to see no movement on the scale, after working out day after day.


But that’s normal! No one stays motivated all the time. Everyone needs a motivation bump from time to time. It’s true! So here are some ways you can bump up your motivation, keep it going strong and reach your goals!


1. Throw out the scale! If no movement on the scale makes you lose your motivation to work out, ditch the scale! Even if your goal is to lose a certain amount of weight, you don’t do yourself any favors by constantly watching the scale. Not only that, but whether your goal is to lose weight or inches, your real goal is to be fit, healthy and strong. And there’s so much that goes into being fit, healthy and strong that your scale can’t tell you! Trust in the process, and don’t let the scale throw you off course. You’ll get there, before you know it!


2. Have fun! Are you having fun with your workouts? If your program works, but you don’t like it, you’re less likely to do it. Find something you really enjoy doing. And don’t be afraid to change things up! We get bored, doing the same workout over and over and over. Don’t let yourself get bored! Take a new class, or try a new online workout. 


3. Celebrate progress! No matter what kind or how small. Did you make it through the whole workout today, when you couldn’t do it last week? Awesome! Celebrate that victory! Or maybe you have some clothes that fit a little better today. Or better still, maybe you feel good today, full of energy. That’s all progress!


4. Keep your goal in front of you! Post a picture, or write down your reason for working out, and tape it to your mirror, or better still, your refrigerator! Keep your reason, or your goal, literally in front of your face. You will be constantly reminded of why you started working out in the first place!


5. Get support! Get a workout buddy, an accountability partner, or join one of my Challenge Groups! It doesn’t matter if it’s in person or online, it helps so much to have encouragement from other people. Turn to your support people when you are feeling unmotivated—they’ll cheer you on so that you can get up again! Accountability is a huge factor in success!


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