One of the biggest excuses I hear for not working out is time. It takes too much time to drive to the gym, work out, shower, change, and then drive back home or to work!


I agree, that takes a lot of time! It really is time well spent, but you’re right, it’s hard to get that kind of workout time into your day. But exercise is so important! But … time!


What if I told you that you don’t have to spend that kind of time to work out?


That’s my favorite thing about working out at home. I save time! I don’t have to deal with all that travel and transition time. I’m already at my gym! And I’m already back home from your gym!


And that’s just one of the benefits of working out from home. Here are four more:


1. You can wear whatever you want! No more agonizing about what to wear to the gym. Wear whatever you want! Workout in your pajamas if you want to! No one will know! And that leads me to the next one:


2. You won’t feel self-conscious! Sometimes people feel a little embarrassed to work out at a gym, maybe because they’re overweight, or they’re not confident using the equipment. At home, you don’t have to worry about any of that! 


3. Flexibility! At home, you can work out any time of the day, and as long and short as you want. You can even break up your workout routine into chunks. You’ll also probably be more relaxed about your workouts, because you won’t be worrying about making sure you are squeezing in all of your workout to your allotted gym time. 


4. Variety! When you work at home the sky is the limit. You don’t even have to invest in fancy weight machines. You can do any kind of cardio, dance, body weight, or dumbbell exercises. You can make up your own routines, or you can pop in a DVD, or stream any kind of workout from YouTube or Beachbody on Demand. 


In fact, if you go to Beachbody on Demand, you can filter the workouts to find just what you’re looking for: short workouts, long workouts, specific types, specific trainers—whatever you need, and you can change it up any time to keep things interesting.


In fact, the flexibility, variety and time-savings of working out at home can keep you more motivated to keep up with your fitness routine. So don’t let the idea of spending all that time at a gym hold you back!  

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