We've reached that time of year where it can become difficult to stay disciplined to our workout and healthy eating routines. Delicious food and treats are everywhere! From pumpkin spice lattes, to Thanksgiving Day spreads, the temptations are all around us. I am here to tell you that Holiday weight gain does not have to happen. It can be avoided if you want.  Let's go over a few tips that will help us get through the Holidays without busting out of our favorite pair of jeans!


1. Write Down Your Why: I cannot stress enough how important it is for us to constantly remind ourselves of our "why".  Basically, this is the reason why we want to lose weight (or gain for some), eat healthier or simply maintain our lifestyles.  Write this reason down and keep it with you.  It will be different for everyone. For some it could be to feel more confident and for others it might be to have more energy to play with their kids.  Whatever it is, write it down and refer to it when you're offered that second slice of pumpkin pie :)


2. Don't Wait Until The New Year:  Have you heard this story before?  Man/woman over-indulges in food during the Holiday season and says, "I'll start my diet and exercise program in January". This sounds all too familiar right?  The sad part is, these same people rarely do anything in January anyway.  If they do start a routine, it usually fades quickly until... "it's time for me to get in shape for summer!".  It's an endless cylce because it's not a lifestyle.  By starting now, you'll create great habits that can last. A habit takes 21 days to create, so you'll be well into a healthy lifestyle by the time the ball drops on New Year's Eve.


3. Enjoy in Moderation: Could you imagine,while everyone's plates are piled high with Thanksgiving yumminess, you're sitting there with a salad?  Not exactly realistic right? It's okay to enjoy all of the festivities and fare of the Holidays, just keep the portions small.  No need to pile the plate sky high.  One thing that helps with portion size is to use a smaller plate. This gives the perception of a full plate, but we don't consume as much in one sitting.


The Holidays are certainly a joyous time of year, but they can be an obstacle for our weight loss and health goals.  Follow these tips above to ensure you make it through without gaining a few extra lbs.  If you need a little more encouragement or motivation, I highly encourage you to join one of my challenge groups.  Email me here for details:

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