When it comes to losing or gaining weight (depending on your goals), the scale can drive us absolutely bananas!  There are several ways to judge your success when you're trying to get fit.  Weighing yourself is just want of them.  I caution you to not put too much stock in this deceiving device because it may not tell the whole story.  When you start building muscle by working out and exercising you may actually gain some weight at first or break even.  By using your scale as the ONLY measurable you can drive yourself nuts!  Weighing yourself regularly is important, but here are some other ways you judge your fitness success:


1. Take before pics:  When you make the commitment to change your lifestyle to lose weight or get into shape, take before pictures from different angles so you can look back and SEE the difference in your transformation for yourself. Check out your pics weekly and monthly.


2. How your clothes fit:  So the scale says that you haven't lost much what?  You can now fit into your favorite dress or pair of jeans that you haven't worn in years. Victory! 


3. How you feel:  Your scale will never be able to measure how you feel about yourself when you're committed to a workout routine. The energy, the self confidence, the extra bounce in your step.  A scale can't tell you that!


It's important to weigh yourself on a regular basis, but please do not let that be the end all be all to measure your success when you're working to hit your fitness goals. Celebrate the small victories!


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