Spring is here and you know what that means, don’t you? Summer is right around the corner! And that means some of us might be looking back on our New Year’s resolutions and thinking “Uh-oh, we have some work to do!”


That’s okay! We still have time before we need to be ready for all those vacations, beaches, barbecues, and pool parties we’re looking forward to! Here are some tips to get your spring back on track:


First, don’t look back! Start where you are. Don’t worry about the past - you can’t change that. But you can change what you do now! Start a plan for now, for the months we have left before summer. For instance if your goal is to lose weight in time to hit the beach, set a goal weight for yourself for 2-3 months from now, and focus on that. 


Another tip: pick a program or fitness routine that you actually like! If you hate running, don’t pick running. If you hate lifting weights, don’t pick lifting weights. Some of us force ourselves to the gym, promising ourselves that we’ll feel better afterwards - and we do, because we get those endorphins moving. But wouldn’t it be even better if you didn’t have to force yourself to go and get that great feeling? Pick a workout you actually look forward to! Whatever you choose, whether PiYo, Body Beast, yoga, or anything else, make sure it’s something you can’t wait to do!


And the third tip: pay attention to your nutrition. Your workout works so much better when it’s supported by good nutrition! This is the season when we do spring cleaning on our houses. Think of it as spring cleaning for our bodies, too! This is the time to really get your nutrition on track. And while you’re at it, remember to clean out your pantry and your office desk of any junk food you might have stashed there, and make sure you have plenty of healthy food instead. We talked about this in a previous blog - if healthy food is at our fingertips, we’ll eat better because we’ll eat what’s there! 


I hope this helps you start your spring off the right way to get you to that bathing suit body in time for summer! Have a great day!


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