Most people would love to be fit and healthy.  No one sits around thinking, "I just love being out of shape!".  The problem is, there's no magic pill we can take or special button we can just push to achieve our fitness goals.  It takes discipline and hard work. Easier said than done right?  There are some people that can go to the gym, workout and eat great without anyone pushing them or motivating them (or go for a run or other type of exercise). For those of us that need a little extra push, I highly recommend joining a Beachbody Challenge group.  Here are 3 reasons why:



1. You're not alone:  Joining a challenge group gives you the opportunity to have a support group of others that have similar goals as you. This is motivating for most people as you have support and encouragement from peers.  It becomes difficult to "skip" a workout when you see everyone else in the group getting their workout in. Also, you can have a little friendly competition with others in the group and the progress of everyone becomes contagious. 


2. You have a plan: Since every Beachbody program has a shedule, joining a challenge group with a Challenge Pack gives you a daily plan.  Most people fail when it comes to fitness because they don't have a concrete plan.  Not having a plan can be frustrating due to lack of results.  By putting an actual game plan together, along with the support of others will yield positive results. I have seen it time and time again.  Tip: Don't stop the plan after the challenge is over.  Continue on and maintain your results! Make it a lifestyle!


3. You're eating right: Another key reason why people don't reach their fitness goals is their diet.  We can spend hours in the gym, and ruin it 15 minutes later with poor meal choices.  The beauty of a challenge group is that is combines fitness, support AND nutrition since Shakelogy is part of the process.  Drinking Shakeology gives us a healthy meal full of nutrients that go hand in hand with a great workout.  Again, you will need to make healhy meal choices in addition to Shakeology, but it is the staple to a nutritious lifestyle. 


In conclusion, I have seen challenge groups work over and over again.  It has all of the components necessary for success in fitness: Support/motivation, a workout plan, and proper nutrition.  Please shoot me an email if you are interested in joining my next challenge group so you can be next on the list to share your success story! Here's my email:


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