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Local Children’s Health advocate launching new DVD- Zugio and the Sunshine Kidz 

North Dallas, TX- Towry Jordan- Barnard and her team have created a family-friendly show featuring Zugio and the Sunshine Kidz.  This unique concept was developed to encourage and educate children to create healthy habits in their early childhood years hoping to prevent many of the unnecessary health conditions that exist within our children today Today, one out of three American children is overweight and this is the first generation that is predicted to not outlive their parents.  “Our goal is to create partnerships with parents/caregivers by providing educational and entertaining tools that aid in the development of a child.  Children develop seventy percent of their habits from birth to five years of age so this is a crucial time in teaching and learning healthy habits.   ZUGIO encourages exercise, making healthy food choices and being a person of positive character! We are committed to making a difference in the lives of children who are learning and growing every day.” said Towry Jordan-Barnard, Founder of Zugio and the Sunshine Kidz. 

Zugio is a fun-loving, energetic turquoise, rainbow, striped zebra that teaches positive living and healthy habits to children in their early childhood years.  Sunshine Kidz are children who try their best to make healthy choices daily so they can “Shine Brighter” in this world. The DVD was shot in high definition with ZUGIO leading children on an unforgettable journey traveling to three unique lands teaching them how to be active and make healthy choices This is a one-of-a kind show energizing and engaging young children. 

Mrs. Jordan-Barnard and her team have teamed up with Tate Publishing and Enterprises to promote andpublish the new DVD.   The DVD and future books will be available upon release through bookstores nationwide, from the publisher at, or by visiting or   

The completed beautifully produced DVD can be purchased now at

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