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Owning a dog — or its clone — benefits your heart

Dallas Business Journal (Health Care) 11/17 1:44A Anne Stych
Do you love your dog? I mean really love your dog? Would you pay $50,000 to clone it? It might be money well spent — because having a dog is good for your cardiovascular health, a new study found. There is a lot of research that shows that having...

Largest North Texas Hospitals

Dallas Business Journal (Health Care) 11/16 11:00P
Information was obtained from the Texas Department of State Health Services and each individual hospital’s most recent Medicare cost form and could not be independently verified by the Dallas Business Journal.

New guidelines expand blood pressure danger zone

Dallas Business Journal (Health Care) 11/14 2:29A Anne Stych
New guidelines that set a lower threshold for defining high blood pressure were released by major health organizations yesterday, a change that puts nearly half of U.S. adults in the hypertension danger zone.  The American Heart Association and...

Trump could drop ACA mandate by executive order

Dallas Business Journal (Health Care) 11/8 2:41A
President Donald Trump may take a scalpel to the Affordable Care Act by issuing an executive order that drops the mandate to purchase insurance, CNBC reports. An order has been prepared, but Trump has not yet signed it, waiting to see if Congress...

Confusion marks beginning of ACA enrollment

Dallas Business Journal (Health Care) 11/1 4:19A Betsey Guzior
In a move to reshape the Affordable Care Act, a federal agency wants to give states the ability to define the minimum standards for its policies, which could change coverage for women’s services. The rule change proposals, detailed in a 365-page...

Crowdsourced data boosts breast cancer research

Dallas Business Journal (Health Care) 11/1 2:23A Anne Stych
An organization formed to boost breast cancer research by crowdsourcing data and sharing it with other scientists has released the first of a promised series of semi-yearly reports.  The Metastatic Breast Cancer Project was created two years ago...

After calling off sales talks, Tenet Healthcare cutting 1,300 jobs

Dallas Business Journal (Health Care) 10/27 8:09A Korri Kezar
A day after it reportedly ended sales talks, Tenet Healthcare Corp. said it’s cutting more than 1,000 jobs. Reuters reported Friday that the Dallas-based healthcare system (NYSE: THC) is reducing its total workforce by 1 percent, or roughly 1,300...

Take-back program fights opioid addiction

Dallas Business Journal (Health Care) 10/27 2:26A Anne Stych
People across the country are encouraged to clean out their medicine cabinets and turn in unused drugs to law enforcement officials this weekend in an effort to keep prescription painkillers out of the wrong hands. The Drug Enforcement...

CVS is said to be in talks to buy Aetna in landmark acquisition

Dallas Business Journal (Health Care) 10/27 2:23A By Andrew Ross Sorkin, Michael J
?CVS Health, the giant drugstore chain that also runs walk-in clinics and a pharmacy benefit business, is in talks to buy Aetna, one of the nation’s largest health insurance companies, according to people briefed on the talks.

Thousands of US companies face healthcare penalties

Dallas Business Journal (Health Care) 10/26 2:49A By Demetri Sevastopulo, Sam Flem
Tens of thousands of US companies will soon face penalties for failing to comply with an obligation to provide health insurance for staff, after the Treasury told the White House there was no way to delay enforcement of a measure in Obamacare.
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