Healthy Tips for People Who Sit at a Desk All Day

McKinney BubbleLife iReporter 7/17 9:00A Riley Heruska
The average American is sedentary for around 7.7 hours a day . That means most of us spend over two full days of each week sitting, driving or lying down. Unfortunately, this has lead to some huge...

Companies That Offer Great Employment Options for Teens

McKinney BubbleLife iReporter 7/13 12:00P Riley Heruska
Once you turn 16 in the state of Texas, you're free to make your own money and start filling your resume with valuable experiences. Our area is booming with new stores and restaurants that are willing...

Dog Breeds That Are Actually Good for People With Pet Allergies

McKinney BubbleLife iReporter 7/13 6:00A Riley Heruska
Here's the thing: some pet owners will claim that their dog is entirely hypoallergenic, but that's actually impossible. No dog is truly hypoallergenic because they all produce some kind of dander....

Social Media for Artists, Makers, & Creatives

Art News DFW 7/13 5:45A Andrea Holmes
My name is Andrea Holmes, and I have been a part time artist for 5 years. Last year, in a series of events, I became a full time painter. In an effort to NEVER go back to working for anyone else I have gobbled up podcasts, blogs, books,...

How Traveling Can Make You a Healthier Human Being

McKinney BubbleLife iReporter 7/12 12:00P Riley Heruska
For the average American, travel is a luxury. It's something on your bucket list, not a firm plan set in the near future. Additionally, many Americans report that they feel ashamed about taking time...

Take on an Exciting Group Challenge at These Local Escape Rooms

McKinney BubbleLife iReporter 7/10 12:00P Riley Heruska
Whether you're planning a birthday bash or a  bachelorette party, escape rooms are all the rage. Tons of different shops have popped up throughout the DFW area, offering puzzles and riddles for people...

Tried-and-True Methods for Dealing With Itchy Bug Bites

McKinney BubbleLife iReporter 7/6 11:00A Riley Heruska
It's common knowledge that scratching bug bites isn't the best idea, but the question is, how do you combat itchiness while getting the swelling and redness to subside? Here are some...

Every Person in Their Twenties Should Read These Books

McKinney BubbleLife iReporter 7/5 8:00A Riley Heruska
Let's be honest: the years between the end of school and your thirties are a rollercoaster. Every person in their twenties needs a little help sometimes, and these books are more than ready to lend...

MoviePass: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

McKinney BubbleLife iReporter 7/2 8:00A Riley Heruska
If you like to keep up with the newest films and movie theater updates, then you've probably heard a great deal about something called " Movie Pass ." It's a subscription service that allows you to...

Brewing Ideas at the Monk

Art News DFW 7/1 7:42A Susan Carol Davis
It s summer. It s time to brew some ideas at the Bearded Monk with fellow Artists Enclave Members & folks interested in what AEDC is all about. No admission fee. When: Tuesday, July 10th   8pm 10pm...

McKinney Airman finally home, 74 years later (Features) 6/27 5:25P
The wreckage of Bobby Joe Younger's plane was found in the northern German countryside just three years ago and remains identified as Younger and others from the 1944 bombing crew.
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