Why Small Businesses Should Attend Marketing Conferences

Does the thought of taking an entire day or two away from the office to attend a conference sound like a waste of time to you? Well, it shouldn’t. In fact, attending a marketing conference can make you wonder why you haven’t done it before.

Small businesses take a lot of time, energy, and dedication to keep them going. Rather than slowing that momentum, attending a digital marketing conference can accelerate the growth, revenue, and reach of your business.

Knowing that you’ll want to jump at this opportunity to attend the 2022 Rocks Digital Marketing Conference coming up on Thursday, June 30. And for BubbleLife readers, we’re offering a discount. Use the promo code BUBBLELIFE to save $50 off your ticket. Go meet all the speakers today!


There are many reasons why those with a small business should attend marketing conferences, and here are the top 5 we want to highlight today.

Top 5 Reasons to Attend Digital Marketing Conferences


1. Budget 

Attending a digital marketing conference has benefits for your budget. Whether or not a business can afford to hire a digital marketing agency, attending an event like the Rocks Digital Marketing Conference brings you knowledge from expert marketers who are seeing what works and what doesn’t, each and every day. This leaves you with actionable items you can use in your business immediately.

Also, by putting your new marketing knowledge to work, you will grow your audience and increase your revenue.


2. Knowledge Is Power

Learning the digital marketing lingo, methods – and ways to track the ROI of your marketing – means agencies, other marketers or your team members can’t easily mislead you on what they’re doing, or the results they’re getting.

Plus, learning from other marketers allows you to learn how to avoid common marketing mistakes and the best practices for the things that work.


3. Networking – Who You Know Matters 

Since Rocks Digital attracts attendees of all types, you’ll get to mix and mingle with other business owners that are taking the DIY approach to their marketing as well.

Rocks Digital attendees always mention our congenial atmosphere. From speakers to attendees, people want to help each other succeed and will connect with one another to reach that goal. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions of our marketing professionals.


4. Multiple Speakers for One Great Price

Gaining knowledge from more than 16 marketing professionals would take weeks and consultation fees would add up. However, at the Rocks Digital Marketing Conference, you’ll get all the knowledge, all in one fast-paced day, all for one incredible price.


5. Get Out From Behind the Desk

Running a small business takes hard work and long hours, but taking a break to re-energize and re-engage is sometimes necessary. Attending the Rocks Digital Marketing Conference will get you out of the office and help extend the reach of your business and brand. You’ll return to work with renewed energy and enthusiasm, ready to put your newfound marketing knowledge to work for your business.


Join Us for the 2022 Rocks Digital Marketing Conference

Rocks Digital will be ROCKING digital in Addison, Texas this year and celebrating its 10-year anniversary. Make plans to join us on June 30th – register today! Tickets are limited so don’t miss out on this full-day of digital marketing knowledge and networking. It’s an event that will help take your business to the next level. See you there!


P.S. Don’t forget to enter the promo code BUBBLELIFE to save $50 on your ticket!

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Rocks Digital Marketing Conference 2017 #SMDay #TXSMDay #RocksDigital

The sixth annual Rocks Digital Marketing Conference kicks off their celebration of Local Search and Social Media Day on June 29 in Addison, Texas. 


Anticipation for the 2017 Local Search Day and Social Media Day celebrations has been building for months. Rocks Digital will be celebrating in Addison, Texas starting June 29 and running through June 30 – Social Media Day. This is the sixth year of this action-packed digital marketing conference.

Having received the official Social Media Day Proclamation from the Town of Addison for the fourth year in a row, and the Local Search Day Proclamation for the second year, Rocks Digital co-founder Lissa Duty says, “We are happy to be back in Addison again this year. With speakers traveling from around the world, attendees joining in the celebration are in for quite the treat.”

Rocks Digital co-founders Lissa Duty and Bernadette Coleman co-organize the Rocks Digital Marketing Conference, and in its sixth year the conference’s main goal remains the same: To provide cutting edge digital marketing knowledge for business owners, consultants, brand managers and digital marketers – from the smallest business to enterprise-level corporations.

The rise of mobile and its still-growing popularity is changing the landscape of digital marketing on a seemingly daily basis. With the focus on Local, Social and Mobile, the 27 presentations were carefully selected and 32 top speakers vetted by the co-organizers. Each presentation focuses on providing the best methods to compete in this ever-changing landscape.

The 2017 conference spans two days and starts on June 29 – Local Search Day. This day features 18 presentations, including four keynote addresses, four Rocks Talks, the Local Search Day Panel, plus nine break-out sessions. On June 30, Social Media Day, the conference delivers nine, 90-minute workshops that dive deep into SEO, Analytics, Paid Media, Content Amplification and – new this year, the Digital Marketing Clinic.

The amazing speaker lineup includes keynotes from Yelp’s John Carroll, Local Search Association’s Greg Sterling, HubSpot Director Dan Tyre, and Navads CEO Lex ten Veen.

The conference kicks off with keynote speaker Greg Sterling presenting on Big Trends Shaping the Future of ‘Local’ Search. Lex ten Veen, traveling all the way from the Netherlands, presents next!

Lex ten Veen had this to say about his keynote: “It’s a great pleasure to elaborate on what I have been saying for well over a decade now. Maps are the future and lie in the heart of innovation for life and business development alike. I look forward to sharing my thoughts with attendees regarding the relevancy of Maps and their place in the marketing mix in 2017 and beyond. Stay tuned.” 

HubSpot’s Dan Tyre, who will be presenting the closing keynote on June 29, shared the following: “I am super excited to be in Dallas to talk about the continuing transition of traditional marketing to inbound marketing. After 10 years of working with clients that range from 2 people to the enterprise, most of it on the phone, it’s super fun to meet face-to-face with businesses who are new to inbound, practicing inbound, and want to bring their results to the next level and become inbound experts. The Inbound Revolution is a great overview of the fundamental changes in business driving this transition.”

Other notable speakers include Karen Liz Albert, Lance Bachmann, Dave Carberry, Bernadette Coleman, Lissa Duty, Damon Gochneaur, Danielle Hanson, Bill Hartzer, Moosa Hemani, Byron Ingraham, Beth Kahlich, Katy Katz, Dean Lindsay, Chris Marentis, Casey Markee, Brad McCormick, Hillit Meidar-Alfi, Robin Moss, John Nosal, Jayne Rios, J Schuh, Erik Solan, Mike Stewart, Michelle Stinson Ross, Dan Thies, DeAndre Upshaw, Jeff Whitfield, and Joe Youngblood.

Rocks Digital announced just last week that Sir Earl Toon, a 2016 Grammy Hall of Fame inductee and former Kool & the Gang band member, will be performing at their annual Local Search Day / Social Media Day Tweetup on the evening of June 29. You can’t have a Rocks Digital without the ROCK, and it seems Rocks Digital will be bringing plenty of that again this year!

There’s still time to make last minute plans and register for the 2017 Rocks Digital Marketing Conference! Interested parties can visit to learn more. 

Press inquiries, contact Lissa Duty at or 214-763-4340.

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Everyone has a pain point! What is your pain point as a small business owner? Let me take a guess… Working on your business while working in your business!

Don’t worry; you are not alone! One of the biggest struggles business owners have is being both the chief cook and the bottle washer.

I’m cofounder of Rocks Digital and I have started several businesses, plus been personally involved in the growth, development and success of countless others. I do have direct personal experience with this pain point.

You Need Experts

With the world changing and technology evolving almost daily it seems, how can you keep up? That’s where experts come into play. Yes, I know the old adage; no one can really be an expert. And you are right, they can’t, but they can be really stinking smart and come real close to it.

As a business owner, you must identify experts you can trust and then follow them, email them, read what they produce, and maybe even hire them. Keeping up to date and current is a must!

There are all types of experts. As for me, I am specifically in the digital marketing space, so I follow those who are closely connected to this industry with dedication.

Part of this quest to grow my knowledge and engage with those I’m connected with is to host and organize a digital marketing conference each year. What started in 2012 as 110 business owners who gathered for a Social Media Day celebration in Addison has evolved into a full-on digital marketing conference that focuses on local SEO, search, social media, mobile, and content marketing. Each year 300+ attendees join together to learn from the best and the brightest.

I bring the experts to Dallas so business owners just like you can come learn, network, and grow your business! That’s my mission and my passion.

Your Invitation

With that in mind, I’m inviting you to attend the Rocks Digital Marketing Conference I organize each year at a special rate.

Getting your digital marketing right is one of the most important steps you must take! Whether you have been in business for 1 day, 100 days or 1,000 days, you must get up-to-date and stay current on these ever-changing technologies. I know what it takes to be successful, and attending events like Rocks Digital is essential.

Use the code BUBBLELIFE today, tomorrow, next week – or even on the last day of registration – and save $75 off your ticket. (But please remember, the earlier you register, the more you save, and as a business owner on a budget, saving is good!)