Business promotional tactics for agencies.

With more consumers researching businesses online in 2024, opportunity and competition in the digital space are both set to rise. Digital agencies that excel in SEO, effective real-time listing management and comprehensive review monitoring will undoubtedly secure a competitive edge. But with companies fighting for attention, going the extra mile for your clients is imperative.

Top 15 Tactics for Increasing Local Business Visibility

Start the year on a positive note with these effective tactics for promoting a business online.

1. Perform a Google Business Profile Audit

Most businesses are simply not taking advantage of the many features offered by a Google Business Profile (GBP). Audit your client’s GBP, taking into consideration data accuracy, categories, images, Google Posts, business attributes and more.

2. Add Photos to Bing Places

Images are an essential feature of Bing search results and can really help a business stand out. Make sure to upload high-quality images to Bing Places – showcase the interior and exterior of the business along with products and services.

3. Monitor Reviews on Yelp

Monitor, review and respond to all reviews you can find, particularly on popular platforms like Yelp. Our review monitoring tool can give you a helping hand and make things easier.

4. Submit to Data Aggregators

Data aggregators push business data to all the important search engines and directory platforms. Read more about boosting local presence with business directory listings here.

5. Update Listings to Correct Bad Data

Inaccurate business data will obstruct local search visibility. Correct any bad data using real-time listing management services.

6. Target In-Dash Navigation and Mapping Apps

Consumers increasingly search for local businesses while on the move. Make sure your clients are submitted to GPS mapping platforms.

7. Optimize for Long-Tail Keywords

Secure consistent traffic by optimizing blog posts for long-tail keywords. Search volume might be modest, but these visitors are often targeted and motivated.

8. Maintain a Content Schedule

A blog without regular updates reflects poorly on a business’ brand. Make sure to develop a content schedule and stick to it in 2024.

9. Target Featured Snippets

Featured snippets provide organic traffic from Google and help with brand recognition. To target featured snippets, create definitions (40–60 words) for relevant industry concepts within blog posts.

10. Distribute to a Listing Management Network

Listing management ensures business data is accurate and accessible across a range of popular directories, review sites and search engines.

11. Monitor Analytics

Analytics shows how visitors use your clients’ websites, providing opportunities for improving content and making it more relevant to users.

12. Create Insightful Infographics

Infographics can provide high levels of engagement by condensing information into a simple visual format. A quality infographic will also be shared on other blogs and social media.

13. Audit On-Page SEO

Follow SEO best practices on new and older pages and identify issues that can limit search rankings. Titles should be 60 characters or less, meta descriptions are 155 characters or less; use H2 titles as well.

14. Optimize for Voice Search

Voice searches will likely increase this year. Focus on conversational keywords, and use questions and answers in your content creation strategy.

15. Check the Google Authority Score

Our Google Authority Score metric monitors brand influence, reputation health and more. Try our Enhanced GBP Tool to see how your clients are doing.

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