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Nothing is more suitable for Memorial Day than a cookout with friends and family. If you're planning to whip up some grub for everyone, hamburgers are a surefire crowd-pleaser. Here are a few simple burger recipes that will wow everyone, no matter how much of a grill master you may be.

Spicy Southwestern-Style Burgers 

These burgers are my go-to for those who enjoy a little extra spice and flavor in their patties. Plus, the recipe calls for turkey instead of ground beef, so it's a little bit better for your heart. Top the patty with a slice of pepper jack cheese and some avocado for a meal that tastes as good as any gourmet burger shop fare. 

Philly Cheesesteak Burgers 

Picture the traditional Philly Cheesesteak flavor you love, then add a load of yummy toppings like bell peppers and a cheesy sauce. Just cook the vegetables, make the cheese sauce, then load everything onto the patty for a smooth, delicious meal. Follow these steps and you'll have no trouble serving up a few of these burgers. 

Hawaiian Crush Burgers

Summer is here, so why not break out some pineapple and give your food a little tropical flair? This recipe will help you create a burger that takes the flavor of Hawaiian pizza and mixes in some traditional burger elements. Juicy and flavorful, these hamburgers will satisfy your sweet and savory cravings. 

Chipotle Ranch Burgers 

This grilled burger certainly packs a kick, and you'll love the chipotle flavor mixed with traditional toppings and lean ground beef. Top the patties with lettuce, bacon, cheese, and plenty of the ranch sauce so that you don't miss an ounce of flavor. If you really want to take things to the next level, use Ciabatta buns instead of the usual hamburger buns you buy. 

Jalapeno Bacon Cheddar Burgers 

We Texans love our spicy food, so why not toss a few jalapenos on your burgers this Memorial Day? This recipe will show you how to really up the spice level in your burger by adding a tangy barbecue sauce on top of the jalapeno peppers. Perfect for a summer cookout, these burgers are sure to please every lover of spicy food. 

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There are a lot of great things that accompany summer's arrival, like long sunsets and warm weather. However, there's one huge problem that always pops up once May rolls around: mosquitoes.

In fact, Texas is reportedly in the top 20 percent of U.S. states when it comes to people getting bitten by mosquitoes and acquiring diseases. Spending your days outside in the North Texas area is a surefire way to wind up at home with red bumps on your arms and legs, and maybe even dangerous illnesses like the Zika and West Nile viruses. 

To prevent you and your family from being exposed to harmful diseases and annoying bites, here are five ways you can avoid mosquitos and keep them away from your home. 

1. Get rid of any standing water on your property. Mosquitoes love to hang out around shady or stagnant puddles and other bodies of water. If you can, make sure that the standing water gets cleaned up and that fountains, pools, and other water features are turned on and running. This will prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs on the water and gathering in the area. Remember that even an inch of still water can provide a perfect breeding ground for the insects. 

2. Keep a bottle of heavy-duty bug spray in your car and house. You never know when you'll find yourself taking a stroll down a forested path or sitting by the lakeside during a Texas summer, so it pays to be prepared and always have bug spray on hand. Permethrin-based bug sprays tend to be the most effective, especially against mosquitos, chiggers, tics, and other blood-suckers. 

3. Wear light-colored, loose clothing while you're outside. For some reason, mosquitoes are more attracted to dark colors (black, dark blue, red) than they are to light colors. Also, wearing baggier clothing can leave more of your skin protected, which adds another level of protection against the bugs. 

4. Turn your porch fan on. If you want to sit outside and enjoy the weather, keep an oscillating fan on your patio so that the air is constantly moving. This will blow away some bugs and deter others from landing on your skin. 

5. Wear long pants when walking around at dusk. Mosquitoes are most active when the sun goes down because the exposure dehydrates them. Texas has 85 different kinds of mosquitoes, and almost all of them will seek out blood at dawn, dusk, or during the night. Therefore, when you're walking around as the sun sets, the mosquitoes are likely to be on the hunt. Make sure to take extra protective measures during the worst parts of the day.

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The team of Phillip Quinn and Katherine Petty decisively defeated a team from Boerne High School in straight sets 6-0, 6-0 to win the UIL 5A Mixed Doubles State Championship May 18. The win marked Quinn's second consecutive state title in mixed doubles, and he was runner-up in 2015 and 2016. This is Petty's first gold medal in spring tennis and she was a state silver medalist in girls doubles last year. 
Head Tennis Coach Dan Holden was named Sectional and State Coach of the Year by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS).
Go Scots!

Thanks to Highland Park ISD for providing this information 
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MAY 14


A victim stated that an unknown person removed several bedding plants from her front yard in the 6000 block of Preston Road. 


A backpack was taken from a home in the 3200 block of Rosedale Avenue without permission. 


A victim stated that an unknown person entered her vehicle without permission and removed a duffle bag while it was parked in the 6200 block of Lomo Alto Drive. 

MAY 15 


At approximately 4:44 PM, officers responded to the 3800 block of University Boulevard in regards to a report of theft. Officers completed a report. 


Someone removed the driver side mirror from a vehicle without the owner's permission while it was parked in the 4400 block of Emerson Avenue. 


A vehicle parked overnight in the 2800 block of University Boulevard had both third-row seats removed without permission. 

MAY 17 


A left outside mirror was taken off a victim's vehicle while it was parked overnight in the 4100 block of Stanford Avenue. 


A victim reported that an unknown suspect had entered his unattached garage in the 2900 block of Milton Avenue and removed his bicycle without consent. 


A store manager in the 3000 block of Mockingbird Lane reported that an unknown suspect entered the store and removed items without paying. 

MAY 18 


A suspect came into a business in the 6800 lock of Snider Plaza while it was open. The suspect shopped around and took several clothing items into the dressing room, then approached the register and paid for three items. When the employee went to clear the changing room, the rest of the items had gone missing. 


At 1:22 PM, officers arrived at the 2800 block of Rosedale Avenue in regards to a reported theft that took place on May 18. A report was filed. 

MAY 20 


Residents in the 4300 block of Stanhope Drive unlocked a vehicle entered by an unknown suspect and found that their checkbook was missing.

All information provided by UPPD 

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Did you know that Texas has 170 lakes spread across its surface? Maybe that's why so many of us like to spend our three-day weekends lounging out by the shore or on a boat. If you're looking to catch some rays on Memorial Day, here are five of the top lakes in the area to check out. 

Eagle Mountain Lake 

Easily one of the prettiest bodies of water in the state, Eagle Mountain attracts tons of visitors with its size and recreational activities. Spend the weekend hiking in the close parks, boating, jet skiing, swimming, or simply soaking in some vitamin D from the shore. It's just a short drive from Fort Worth, so anyone in the DFW area can visit for a day or more. 

Lake Texoma 

One of the largest lakes in the state, Lake Texoma is a beautiful place for spending a long weekend and isn't too far away from the North Dallas area. There are nearby parks to visit, tons of space for water sports, and even a few islands you can explore. If you love fishing, you can also catch a variety of things, from catfish to bass. With such pretty views and open spaces, this lake is sure to be popular with college students and families during the last weekend of May.

Lake Fork 

If you want to spend your Memorial Day fishing for bass, then this is the Texas lake to visit. Well, technically its a reservoir, but it comes with beautiful waterfront views and tons of entertainment for the whole family. There are convenient boat and home rentals, so you can easily pack a weekend full of excitement while visiting. 

Possum Kingdom Lake 

This lake is a little bit of a trek from the DFW area, but it's certainly a worthwhile destination for families. There are spacious campsites, exciting water activities, and some wildlife spotting opportunities. Because it is a holiday weekend, though, this lakeside might be pretty packed with swimmers and campers, so play to snag a spot early.

Lake Lewisville

Here, you can spend your days doing everything from bird watching to disc golf. With more than 230 miles of shoreline and 29,000 acres of water, there's enough room for everyone to have a good time. Fun fact: this lake is actually the official "Urban Bass Fishing Capital of Texas." 

Where will you be spending your Memorial Day weekend? Comment below!   

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Two current HPISD principals have been selected to lead McCulloch Intermediate School and Highland Park Middle School. Dr. Skip Moran, the principal at Armstrong Elementary, has been named principal at MIS (grades 5 and 6) and Hyer Elementary Principal Jeremy Gilbert has been selected as the principal at HPMS (grades 7 and 8).
"Skip Moran and Jeremy Gilbert have been outstanding principals at their respective campuses. They are both beloved and respected," HPISD Superintendent Dr. Tom Trigg said. "Having both of them provide leadership to these two schools will benefit students and staff at each campus. Each leader has his own unique strengths and, as colleagues, they complement each other very well."
Dr. Moran and Mr. Gilbert will take over for Dr. Laurie Hitzelberger, who announced her retirement after serving as the sole principal at both campuses for the last 14 years. 
"Dr. Hitzelberger has done a magnificent job running two schools with a combined student population of more than 2,200 students," Dr. Trigg said. "During this selection process, it made sense to revisit the leadership structure for each campus. I believe we are getting the best of both worlds by selecting two excellent principals to lead these schools."
"I have had the privilege of working with both Dr. Moran and Mr. Gilbert for more than ten years, and I am thrilled that MIS and HPMS will be in such capable hands for the future," Dr. Hitzelberger said. "The three of us will be working closely together over the next few weeks to ensure a smooth transition for our students, staff and families."
Dr. Moran majored in politics at Rollins College, earned a master's degree in Political Theory from the University of Essex, a Master of Divinity from Yale University and a doctorate in Educational Administration from Columbia University. He started his career as an AP History teacher at HPHS in 1996.
Dr. Moran served as an assistant principal at MIS/HPMS from 2005 until 2011, when he was named the principal at Armstrong. In addition to HPISD, he has been an adjunct instructor at SMU since 2009, teaching master's degree courses in educational leadership.
"It has been my great privilege to serve as the 10th principal in the 104-year history of Armstrong Elementary," Dr. Moran said. "It will be difficult to leave Armstrong, but I am excited and grateful for the opportunity to work with the MIS staff, parents and, most importantly, every fifth- and sixth-grade student."

Gilbert is a graduate of Texas A&M University and earned his master's in Education Administration from the University of North Texas. He began his career in 1998 as an elementary school teacher in Richardson ISD, became an assistant principal in 2002, then became a principal for Wallace Elementary, a K-6 school, in 2004. He was selected in 2008 to be the principal at Hyer Elementary.
"For the past decade, Hyer Elementary has served as my school home," Gilbert said. "In my time here I have had the distinct pleasure of serving one of the most amazing learning communities that I have ever known. I know that with the help of our supportive parents, the dedication of our talented teachers and the unmatched spirit of our amazing students, Hyer will always be a tremendous school. While it will be extremely difficult to say good-bye to Hyer Elementary, I am equally as excited for the opportunity that awaits me at HPMS."
The changes in leadership at both the Armstrong and Hyer campuses come at a challenging time, since Armstrong is receiving extensive renovations this summer and Hyer is moving to the new elementary school campus while both Bradfield and Hyer are rebuilt.
"There are rarely perfect times for personnel changes, particularly ones of this magnitude, in a district the size of HPISD," Dr. Trigg said. "A search for new principals at both Armstrong and Hyer will begin immediately, but I am also confident that both Dr. Moran and Mr. Gilbert will do everything in their power to assist their campuses, both in ensuring that Armstrong and Hyer get situated over the summer, and in helping with the transition of leadership."
Dr. Moran and Mr. Gilbert officially begin their new roles July 1.

All information taken from Highland Park Independent School District's Newsletter 
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A few weeks ago, we asked all of the parents, teachers, and coaches in the area to submit the best summer camps of the year. We got some amazing submissions, both via emails and our calendars, so we wanted to put them all together in one place so you can browse all of the options. If you know of other great kid-friendly camps, feel free to leave other links and suggestions in the comments!

Dallas County 

Model Prep Workshop Focused on Helping Young Girls (June 7 - 12) 
Girls from all over the metroplex are welcome to join this workshop. Together, with the help of Texas-based model Amber Griffin, the young women will work to build confidence and inner strength while receiving instruction in makeup, nutrition, social media, fashion, and more. The future supermodels and female leaders of the world are being created at this powerful workshop. For prices and enrollment info, visit

Central Christian Church Summer Showtunes (July 9 - 21) 

Open to kids in 5th through 8th grade, this camp gives summer breakers a chance to experience acting and singing with a host of professionals. It's a two-week session followed by a final performance at the church on July 21. Register now to snag a spot by visiting Central Christian Church's website. Cost: $449 per child

Summer at St. John's Episcopal School 

The one-week camps at this school are tailored for girls and boys in grades PreK through 8th. With a variety of camp themes, from sports to academics, every camper can find a week that interests them. Check out all of the different camp options by clicking here, then register ASAP before spots fill up. 

Camp on the Lake by the YMCA Dallas

The slew of summer camp activities at this waterfront day camp is perfect for kids of all ages. Attendees will learn life skills and build friendships as they explore nature around Lake Lewisville. There are dozens of fun experiences, from archery to horseback riding. Click here to learn how to register. Separate camps are offered by age (6-8 or 9-13). 

Texas Ballet Theater School Summer Programs 

Over the course of the summer, this organization will offer a range of programs for ballerinas in the making at both the Dallas and Fort Worth locations. Sign your child up for a week of ballet basics, a fairytale adventure, or more intense training sessions. Prices vary depending on the particular program. Click here to learn more about the programs and enroll. 

STEM Summer Camps by Microsoft 

Want to start your kid down the coding career path? Sign them up for one of these Microsoft summer events. Even if your child has no previous coding knowledge, they can learn the basics and even work towards programming their own robot. Children ages six and up are welcome to attend these free educational camp. Check the Microsoft website for the local calendar. 

Dallas Museum of Art 

Whether your child loves painting or inventing, drawing or designing, this is the place for creative youngsters ages 4 to 12. They'll experience the DMA in a new way, make friends, and create their own works of art. There are morning and afternoon camp options during the weeks between June 4 and 29, as well as July 9 and August 3. DMA members pay $175 and non-members pay $210 per camp. 

Dallas Children's Theater Summer Classes 

The DCT wants to foster a love of art and performance in kids of all ages through fun, educational classes. All of the summer programs are taught by theater professionals and segmented into age and experience levels. To enroll your children, follow the instructions posted on this page

It's a Sensory World Summer Camps
This center in Farmers Branch offers educational, recreational, and therapeutic services for children with special needs. Over the summer, they will offer their 11th year of summer camps for children of all abilities over the age of two. There are eight different weeks to choose from and each week costs $350. Click here to learn more and register.  

White Rock Rowing Learn to Row Camps 
Your middle school or high school student can use this summer as an opportunity to learn how to row. After all, who doesn't want to spend their break on the lake? There will be instructional sessions with some of the top coaches and plenty of fun activities. Register at this link. Cost: $250 per week 

Lakehill Summer Camps 
Voted in the past as the Best Summer Camp here on BubbleLife, LakeHill Summer Camps are a great way to keep your kids engaged and learning. Camps are offered from June 4 all the way through August 3 for various ages. Half-day week-long camps are $240 and full-day, week-long camps are $315 per week. Click here to register. 

Lil' Rangerettes Summer Camp at Jesuit (June 18 - 22) 
Girls PK3 through 6th grade are invited to learn fun dance routines, make crafts, play games, and build memories at this one-week summer camp. To register your daughter for this five-day experience, click on this link. Cost: $175  

Study Skills Summer Camp at Good Shepard Episcopal School (August 6 - 10) 
This one-week camp will provide practical experience with test taking and studying. Experienced educators will work with kids in grades five through ten to ensure that they maximize their learning potential and know how to handle the challenges of school, testing, and extracurriculars. Cost: $250

Parish Episcopal Summer Camps 
From May 29 to August 17, the school will be hosting a variety of stimulating summer programs for kids ages 3 to 18. Themes range from academics to arts and athletics, so there's something available for every kind of camper. Check out the day camps and specialty camps, then register online

Alcuin Summer Camps 

Children ages 3 to 14 are welcome to attend a variety of camps at Alcuin School. There are educational opportunities for toddlers, adventure camps, half-day Montessori school sessions, and more. Check out your options here.  

Dallas Episcopal School Camp
Waterslides, sports, and crafts are just the beginning at this school's adventure, sports, academic, arts, and STEM camps. Browse their full selection of summer opportunities on their website and claim a spot before they're all gone. 

DAMPA Summer Camp 
The Dallas Academy of Music and Performing Arts is open for summer camp enrollment right now, and you won't want to miss it. They offer a wide variety, from a summer ballet intensive prep course to a one-of-a-kind Broadway Bootcamp. View the options and sign up here

Shelton School Summer Camps 
The summer sports camps at Shelton are open for enrollment now. There's a volleyball clinic (grades 5-8), a basketball clinic (grades 5-8), and several kinds of development sessions. Learn more at

Summer Enrichment Camp at DIS 
Dallas International School offers half-day or full-day sessions for language development. All campers will attend for a minimum of three intense weeks and walk out with an impressive exposure to a new language. Browse the summer camp catalog to see if this enrichment camp sounds right for your kid. There are also science, art, sports, and personal development camps. 

SMU Summer Camps 
There are a variety of camp options at SMU over the summer that provide new experiences and fun for kids and teens. Start dates range from early June to August. Look into the youth programs, engineering programs, art events, and athletic camps staggered throughout the summer. Click here to learn more and register. 

Collin County 

The Learning Academy Camps 
From May 29 through August 24, The Learning Academy will be offering summer camps full of science experiments, swimming field trips, baking, water sports, and so much more. With this kind of non-stop adventure, every kid will have a blast. Click here to view the different camp options based on ages and dates, then register your children before time runs out. 

Allen Community Theatre Summer on Stage 

With ten weeks of themed theater camps, Summer on Stage is truly the perfect solution for the drama lover in your family. Allen's Community Theater will be putting on a host of summer camp performances, which will give attendees the opportunity to act and learn about the world of theater. Prices range from $150 to $225 per week, depending on the theme and age restrictions. Visit their website to learn more and register. 

The Lions Club Summer Camps for Children With Disabilities 
The McKinney Lions Club will be offering several summer camps for children with physical disabilities, down syndrome, epilepsy, cancer, and diabetes. The nine different sessions span from June 10 to August 11 and are currently open for enrollment. Camper applications are available online

UT Dallas Summer Camps 

Whether you're looking for a speech class or a therapeutic class for socially-anxious children, UT Dallas has what you need. Check out their variety of camps for children of all abilities and ages to find the one that's right for your family. Prices vary from $150 to $825, depending on length and other factors. 

Focus on the Future Summer Adventure Camp (June 11 to July 20) 

Focus on the Future Training Center in Plano is committed to helping children with special needs develop the skills they need and the memories they deserve. Experts in academics and social/physical development will use this camp as an opportunity to work with children as they become more independent. Visit their website to learn more. 

McKinney Christian Academy Summer Camps 

Multiple sports summer camps will be hosted at this school for campers of all age, including wrestling, volleyball, baseball, football, and more. There will also be an Art Science and Ukelele Music camps. Register online today to prepare for the start day on June 5. Prices may vary depending on camp. 

Heard Natural Science Museum Summer & Wildlife Sanctuary Nature Camps 

With a variety of nature-based summer camps, this museum is a fantastic option for bored kids. At the Heard, they'll learn about everything from what lives in ponds to how volcanoes spout boiling lava. There are also camps that blend art with nature, hands-on experiences with animals, and miniature camps for kids between 6 and 12. Click to learn about all of the options and prices

The Heights Church Camps 
This Richardson church will offer a VBS camp, student camp, kids camp, and plenty of summer activities for children over the next few months. Check out all of the options on their website

First Christian Church of Plano VBS
This year's shipwrecked theme will bring kids together as they play games, experience Bible stories, and make crafts to bring home. There are also camps for older children throughout the North Texas area. To learn about the youth trips or VBS, visit the First Central Christian's website today. Enrollment is open now

Tarrant County 

City of Irving Parks and Recreation Day Camps 

Summer Splash Camp is a fun, safe environment for children to get wet and have a good time under the sun. There are five sessions of two-week camps for kids in kindergarten up to fifth grade. There are also several different locations, so you can find the one that works best for you. Each session is $190 per camper. Learn more and register on the Parks and Rec website

ARC Adventure Camp 

This summer day camp is for children and teens (ages 5 to 21) with developmental disabilities. They will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of games, computer fun, field trips, swimming, crafts, and entertainment. To learn more about ARC of Dallas or enroll, click here

YMCA Camp Carter
The Y is hosting a variety of day camps and overnight camps, as well as discover camp day open houses. Learn about all of the amazing memories your kids could make at these various camps by visiting this link. Each camp teaches kids about self-reliance, nature, and leadership, as well as classic activities like campfire building and outdoor sports. 

The Actors Conservatory Theatre 

The ACT hopes to inspire children across the North Texas area to foster a love of the performing arts. Their summer musical theatre camps provide an incredible experience of music, acting, and learning for kids of various ages. This summer, there will be three different camp themes: Willy Wonka Jr., Grease (School Version), and The Lion King Jr. Visit their website to register and pick which week you want. 

Taste Buds Kitchen 

When school is closed, the summer camp at Taste Buds is the place to be. There are week-long camps and single-day adventures to choose from, and all of them teach children how to become the chefs they've always wanted to be. Every week hosts a new and unique menu, so your little chefs can learn tons of new recipes this year. Click here to browse all of the camps and classes offered in 2018. Prices may vary. 

Irving Arts Center Camps 

For a quarter of a century, this center has been providing kids with educational summer opportunities. There are camps for children of all ages, and all of them encourage the attendants to develop self-confidence and a love of learning. This year's theme? "Road Trip! L.A. to Chicago on Route 66!" Click to register your kids today. 

Techie Factory Programs and Camps 

This organization aspires to ignite a passion for technology and real-world skills in young learners. Their camps provide a hands-on environment in which participants learn to code, play with robots, design video games, and so much more. View their summer camp options and classes on their website. Prices are typically between $475 and $500 per camp. 

Rockwall County

Art's A Blast

Hosted at Utley Middle School, these art camps take place over seven weeks and offer children loads of creative fun. Talented instructors will help them improve their artistic skills while making creations they can take home with them. Registration is open and spots are filling quickly, so check out the options now. 

Rush Creek Yacht Club Sailing Camp 

Kids ages 7 to 18 are invited to learn how to sail at this fun summer event. There are five different sessions to choose from, along with a special adventure camp in late July/early August. Find out more and register on their website

Boys and Girls Club of Northeast Texas Summer Camp
Beginning in June, children are welcome to engage in programs about everything from robots to brain games. Great futures start at the Boys and Girls Club, so check out the options near you and sign up for the available camps. 

Summer Rock Camp
The Rockwall Parks and Recreation Department is putting on 10 hours of daily supervised fun, both indoors and outdoors. Kids will swim, do arts and crafts, and go on field trips to new destinations form the Harry Myers Community Center. Check out the six weeks of amp options and the various field trips on

Thanks to all of our submitters, and to Dr. Brian J. Dixon, a local pediatric psychiatrist who contributed many of the camp suggestions for special needs children. 

"Having worked in the teaching, community mental health, and private healthcare settings, I have found many forces (personal, professional, financial, psychological, etc) affect the availability, access, expectation, and quality of mental health care.  Building this private practice allows me to take the best parts and provide them to my patients. While I am a fully trained and board certified child & adolescent psychiatrist, I founded Progressive Psychiatry to show Texans that mental health is important and can be completed in safe, efficient, and empowering techniques for people of all ages.  We look forward to working with you." -Brian J. Dixon, MD 

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Looking for some fun ways to spend summer afternoons? Here are some of the best films hitting the big screen this year that everyone in the family can enjoy. Which will you take your kids to see while they're on break? 

Show Dogs

In Theaters May 18

Starring big names like Will Arnett, Ludacris, Jordin Sparks, and Shaquille O'Neal, this film is a family-friendly comedy about a human detective and his furry partner who must go undercover at a dog show in order to solve a crime. Your kids will laugh at the crazy antics and you'll get a kick out of Arnett's comical performance. 

Solo: A Star Wars Story 
In Theaters May 25 

Any die-hard Star Wars fan is going to need a good seat to view this latest installment in the saga. Learn about Hans Solo before he ran into Luke and the others and follow as he embarks on a hair-raising adventure through the galaxies. Every member of the family will want to board the Millenium Falcon for this epic journey. 

Incredibles 2
In Theaters June 15

Most of us have waited for 14 painful years to see this sequel, so you can bet the theaters will be packed with children and adults alike. Our favorite Pixar family is back, and they're ready to save the world once again with their superpowers and scheming. 

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom 
In Theaters June 22 

Just when you thought we were done with this island, Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard are back for more. This time, it won't just be the humans that are in danger. Stick with these adventurers as they return to Jurassic World in hopes of preventing a second dinosaur extinction. 

Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation
In Theaters July 13 

Incredibly kid-friendly and surprisingly hilarious, the Transylvania movies have won the hearts of millions. Now, Dracula is back, and he and his family are embarking on a luxury cruise full of hilarity and monsters. This is the perfect way to celebrate the summer, especially if you have little ones home from school. 

Christopher Robin 
In Theaters August 3 

Something tells me that there will be more than a few wet eyes in the audience at this touching Disney film. Christopher Robin (Ewan McGregor) isn't the young boy he used to be, but that doesn't mean he's done receiving help from his favorite stuffed animal. Join him as he revisits The Hundred Acre Woods when he needs it most. 

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If you're like most parents in today's society, you're probably envisioning a summer filled with iPads, video games, television, and the occasional jaunt outside into the Texas heat. Most children aren't going to stay inside and read a book when they can be stimulated by technology or hanging out with friends. Although these experiences can be rewarding, science and studies have made it clear that curling up with a good old hardback book is a fantastic way to brighten your child's mind and keep them engaged over the summer break. 

No matter how old your child may be, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, "reading exerts a positive effect on the developing brain." Infants, toddlers, kids, and preteens can all benefit substantially from building their vocabulary and learning to interpret literature, both for pleasure and for academic purposes.

In general, studies have found that kids who read have: 

  • More complex, well-developed ideas about the world around them. 
  • Better communication skills. 
  • Higher levels of empathy and an ability to understand how others think.
  • Strong concentration skills. 
  • Excellent academic achievements. 

Feel like you're pulling teeth when you try to get your child to sit with a book for more than a few minutes? Here are a few tips and tricks for getting your reluctant reader to engage with books. 

Let them pick their own books. The more you control what your children read, the more they're going to feel like it's a part of their homework rather than an enjoyable activity. Guide them toward age-appropriate books, then let them have free reign. They'll find things that interest them and that they want to learn more about. 

Take them to bookstores and libraries frequently. Spending time with books is a great way to encourage reading. Children will get a kick out of meandering down the aisles and discovering titles they've never heard of. Encourage them to pick out books that attract their attention and give them a shot. 

Lead by example. If you never sit down with a novel, then why would you expect your children to? Try to make a habit of reading with your child for a half hour or so each day. Cultivating a book-loving culture at home is one of the most important parts of encouraging your children to read, and that starts with the example you set. 

How do you get your children to spend time with literature? Leave other pieces for fellow parents in the comments below. 

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MAY 7 


A victim stated that an unknown subject entered his vehicle and stole his tools without permission overnight in the 4400 block of Glenwick Lane. 


Actors entered a resident's vehicle and removed the third-row seats without permission while the vehicle was parked overnight in the 4400 block of Larchmont Avenue. 


A victim stated that an unknown person stole the navigation system from inside her vehicle while it was parked overnight in the 4500 block of Stanhope Drive. 


A former student was issued a criminal trespass warning in the 4200 block of Emerson Avenue. 


An unknown person drew phallic drawings in two places on a victim's face. 

MAY 8 


A suspect attempted theft through shoplifting and was issued a criminal trespass from the CVS manager on Mockingbird Lane. 


The third-row seats were stolen from an unlocked vehicle parked overnight in the 4000 block of Glenwick Lane. 

MAY 9 


An unknown suspect used the internet in an attempt to open credit card accounts using the victim's personal information. The victim was alerted by her bank due to misinformation on her credit card application. 

MAY 10 


An unknown suspect entered a locked house under construction and stole several kitchen appliances between 6:00 PM on May 9 and 8:10 AM on May 10. 

MAY 11 


A suspect walked into a CVS on Mockingbird Lane and took Tide detergent without paying at approximately 6:21 PM. 


Officers were dispatched to the 3400 block of Daniel Avenue in regards to a crash at 8:38 PM. After further investigation, the driver was arrested for driving while intoxicated. 

MAY 12


An officer was called to the 3300 block of Southwestern Boulevard in reference to criminal mischief. The caller stated that someone shot her AC unit and damaged it to the point where it no longer worked. 

All information provided by UPPD