Riley Heruska
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If you live anywhere remotely near the Allen Premium Outlets, then you’ve probably experienced the following: great sales, big crowds, and an absurd lack of convenient parking spaces. Oh, and you’ve probably waited up to twenty minutes simply to exit the shopping center during its busiest times. Don’t get me wrong, the outlets are a wonderful location for bargain hunting, but they aren’t the easiest place to visit sometimes.

Thankfully, the local shopping hub is getting a bit of a makeover in the coming months. Not only are the shops expanding, but they are also being renovated with new amenities. Shoppers can expect a new play area, free WiFi, better landscaping, and some new architectural add ons in the future (according to Plano Profile). With up to thirty new stores potentially setting up shop, the popular center will continue to draw crowds from near and far.

There could be more than just shops coming to the center over the next few years. The parking lot is being expanded (so jump for joy!), and more restaurants and hotels will be joining the space. By the time construction is finished, there will most likely be over 1,300 parking spaces.

According to Dallas News, the expansion will most likely be finished by Fall 2017. Cheers to less jam-packed parking and more places to spend our cash!

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