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Last Friday, Netflix's incredibly popular series Stranger Things returned with its highly-anticipated second season, and it's probably all you've heard about lately. Viewers have been desperate for the show's newest episodes ever since the mind-blowing finale premiered last year, and based on the first wave of reviews, the second season has only increased the series' ever-growing fan base.

Haven't given this show a shot yet? Well, here are a few reasons to settle in for a lengthy binge-watching session of Netflix's biggest hit. 

Witness Winona Ryder's Triumphant Return

This 90's heartthrob had several memorable performances in movies like Edward Scissorhands (1990) and Girl, Interrupted (1999). However, her work in the 2000s has been inconsistent, and many have forgotten just how talented Ryder is. Her role as Joyce Byers in Stranger Things is truly a masterpiece, and you'll soon remember why you had so many posters of her tacked up in your teenage bedroom. She impressively portrays an anxious mother who will do anything to get her son back, including facing an invisible monster and inexplicable occurrences. Before you know it, you'll be cheering her on as you hit "play the next episode" again and again. 

Enjoy the Eerie but Impressive Synth Soundtrack

Even a true horror-film junkie can admit that this show's music will make your skin creep and crawl. A Texas band called "S U R V I V E" created the electronic instrumental score, which sounds like an impressive mix between '80s synth soundtracks and a subtle yet dramatic orchestra. Not only will the sounds drag you back into the mid-1980s, but it will also have you gripping the edge of your seat as characters face life and death situations. There's a reason Spotify has a Stranger Things playlist: the songs and score are as addicting as the unsettling storyline. 

Embrace the Ever-Present '80s Nostalgia

Every detail of the show's atmosphere is meticulously crafted, from the preppy costumes to the old-fashioned cars and homes. As the crew of children and teenagers ride their bicycles around town, play Dungeons and Dragons, and live without modern-day technology, you'll see just how well the creators captured the past. Many viewers claim that the episodes transport them straight into the '80s of their childhood, complete with Walkmans and bad hair. Even for those of us who weren't born before or during the decade, the show embodies a nostalgic feel that any audience member can recognize and enjoy. It's somewhat ironic that such a creepy story can embody such as a warm, fuzzy feeling. 

Finally Figure Out What All of This "Eleven" Fuss Is About

You've seen the people dressing up for Halloween in a little pink dress and blonde wig while toting around a box of Eggo waffles, and you've probably heard the name "Eleven" spoken about a gazzilion times in the past week. Well, there's a good reason: the little girl is your next favorite character. How often do you stumble across a film or television series where the innocent-looking young girl is the true hero of the tale? Millie Bobby Brown's portrayal of Eleven will knock your socks off, and before you know it, you'll be talking about Eggo waffles and shaved heads, just like the rest of us. 

Laugh and Shudder While You Race Through All 17 Episodes 

Does the idea of completely catching up on an already-popular series overwhelm you? Well, no worries: Each season has less than ten episodes, so this is one series that you can truly binge-watch without stopping. Unlike Game of Thrones and other hit shows, you can catch up over the course of one week or so. Trust me, once you get started, you'll fly through the episodes faster than you can say "Where's Will?!" The dialogue is humorous, the monsters are terrifying, and the characters are lovable. What more could you want?

Have you given this addictive show a try? Leave your opinions in the comments below! 

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