White label listing management services

As increasing numbers of businesses recognize the power of digital marketing, the demand for white label listing management services continues to grow. These businesses rely on the expertise of local agencies to gain search visibility and deliver new customers to their brand. But as agencies experience this growing demand, they face the challenge of meeting their clients’ needs. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution for scaling an agency fast – white label local listing management services.

What Are White Label Local Listing Management Services?

Local presence management has grown in importance as more consumers research businesses online before making a purchase. But while digital marketing was once fairly limited in scope, there are now countless channels and verticals that a business needs to target.

White label listing management gives agencies access to all the high-quality integrated services they need to best serve their clients. Here are some of the primary white label services available.

Local Listing Management Distribution

A crucial benefit of local listing management software is the ability to maintain consistent data across all platforms. At Advice Local, we achieve this consistency by using a combination of automated and manual listing submissions.

We can submit your clients’ data to our wide-reaching Data Amplifier Network and make fast adjustments to citations in real time. This distribution covers everything from popular search engines to GPS navigation and mapping apps.

White Label Widgets

Lead generation is a consistent challenge for agencies, and many businesses are in the dark about their online visibility. White label widgets offer a solution to this issue, delivering accessible, solutions-focused data to a business owner.

The development of our new listing management lead generation website widget  is a prime example of such a solution. Agencies simply add the customizable widget to their website, and visitors can generate a free online visibility report. As an automated sales funnel, this hands-off approach provides agencies and local marketers with a straightforward way to secure new customers.

Voice Search Readiness

According to data from Statista, 35% of U.S. consumers own smart speakers. And as consumers grow more comfortable conducting voice searches using mobile devices and smart speakers, agencies need to keep up with this trend.

Our Voice Search Readiness Test allows an agency to generate a report for their business clients, identifying opportunities for improved presence. We can then distribute your clients’ data to Alexa, Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant and other platforms via our data network.

White Label Reporting

Agencies need to keep their business clients informed of progress using monthly reports. But maintaining and compiling digestible reports based on multiple data sources is no easy task. White label reporting helps agencies maintain close relationships with clients without the need for complex data management. Advice Local lets agency partners access detailed reporting from their user-friendly dashboard.

Enhanced GBP Tool for Agencies

While there are numerous platforms that can help increase local presence, Google is still the major player in the industry. Consequently, a Google Business Profile (GBP) will likely be the primary focus for agencies and their business clients. At Advice Local, we have developed the Enhanced Google Business Profile Tool as a white label listing management service for our partners. From our Google Authority Score to GBP syncing tools, clients have everything they need to run successful GBP campaigns.

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Leading White Label Local Listing Management Services

Advice Local is a leading provider of white label local listing management services for agencies and digital marketers. If you would like access to the premier listing tools, GBP services and our Data Amplifier Network, request a demo today or call (214) 310-1356.

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High-quality directory listings for citations

The primary objective of local SEO is to increase the visibility of a business in the places consumers spend their time. For the agencies tasked with helping companies meet this goal, listing management services are among the effective options available. Leveraging free search engine listings and directories is a low-cost method that has worked for years – and there’s no sign of that changing. But with platforms offering varying quality levels, what listing platforms should you prioritize?

The Top Free Search Engine Listings and Directories

As we have discussed previously, it’s true that all directories are not created equal. In brief, listing your clients’ businesses on the best quality platforms will lead to better search placements and more targeted traffic. However, when you choose low-quality listings sites your clients could be penalized. Here are the sites that deliver for our Advice Local partners right now.

Google Local Search

Naturally, the local pack and Google Maps are the obvious choices that top our list. Note that both are powered by the Google Business Profile (GBP). Every local business is vying for visibility in the local map pack and a leading organic search result. Reaching these top spots could transform results for a business. And if you’re familiar with Advice Local, you’ll know that we offer Enhanced GBP Tools to take Google listings management to the next level.

Bing Places for Business

While Bing might not have the user base of Google, it is still committed to innovating the search industry and commands a sizable audience. Know that Bing Places is essential in building a presence on Bing Maps and mobile platforms. In addition, Microsoft reports that 54% of searchers use Bing for online product research.

Apple Maps

Apple has continued to improve its Apple Maps service, making it one of the key listings platforms that agencies should consider. As the default mapping platform on Apple devices, businesses can reach iPhone users conducting searches while in close proximity to their premises.


One of the top reasons to love local citations is their importance in hyperlocal search marketing, and Nextdoor is among the best examples of hyperlocal citations. This hugely popular platform shows users the businesses within their neighborhood – and you can get your clients listed with Advice Local’s listing management services.


Yelp’s reputation as an authoritative business directory means it is trusted by consumers. A comprehensive listing on Yelp can often achieve a prominent search engine listing by itself, helping businesses dominate a keyword phrase. As with the other listing platforms, accuracy and consistency of business data are required to help your clients’ search visibility.

Additional Listing Services

While these platforms are among the most recognized, many more are trusted sources of information and have significant user bases. For our agency partners, these authority sites are all included within our Data Amplifier Network.

Why is this important? Well, a key benefit of local listing management software is the ability to distribute data quickly, accurately and for a low cost. When you consider the alternative approach – spending considerable time researching the authority of a directory and then manually submitting the information – you’ll soon see the advantages of partnering with a listing management service.

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Trusted Listing Management Services for Agencies

At Advice Local, we help agencies and local marketing partners deliver for their clients with our best choice listing management services. We provide citation building, enhanced GBP services, voice apps and so much more. To get started, call (214) 310-1356  or request a demo today.

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Directory listings for small businesses

Everyone involved in local search marketing is constantly looking for the next big SEO strategy. So, it’s really no surprise that citation building using listing management services doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. However, citations are fundamental to most local SEO strategies and have been delivering traffic, sales and search visibility for years. To understand why some agencies don’t prioritize listing management, it’s important to look at the varying quality of the directories that are out there.

Why Quality Beats Quantity in Listing Management

Consider this – if two separate businesses both pursue a strategy of citation building on directory sites, how is it possible for them to have such wildly differing results? In all likelihood, you can link the outcomes to the quality of directories being used to promote each business.

Essentially, Google and other search engines value consistent data on quality, relevant platforms. This is exactly why agencies need to submit their clients’ businesses to authoritative listings sites – sites that deliver results.

The Main Features of Quality Directories

From local and vertical directories to maps and premier quality platforms, there’s no shortage of places to build citations. Here are some of the main features found in quality directories.

Spam-Free Directories

As many agencies have discovered the hard way, listings management services are not created equal. Submitting to a vast number of low-quality platforms filled with spam listings will not benefit a business, and could even lead to less prominence in search results. Recognizing this, our Data Amplifier Network at Advice Local contains only reputable directories backed by analysis.

Niche-Specific Sites

Google places a significant weight on relevance when determining which sites get local pack and organic placements. In fact, along with proximity and prominence, relevance is one of the big three local SEO ranking factors. With listings on niche-specific sites, demonstrating this relevance is possible in many industries. For example, our network contains various legal and healthcare vertical directories.

Relevant Categories

Of course, many businesses will not have a wide choice of niche directories to choose from. However, they can still benefit from categories within broader directories. In the highest-quality platforms you can expect to find relevant categories – and a moderation team that prevents inaccurate classifications.

Location-Based Elements

As mentioned, proximity is a crucial metric in local SEO. Therefore, your local clients will benefit from directory features that pinpoint a business’ location. Integrating a map within the listing is practical – and a valuable sales tool. In addition, because consumers use platforms like Judy’s Book and Nextdoor to research local businesses, you need to ensure your clients are listed there.

The Problems With Prioritizing Quantity of Directories

There are many reasons to love local citations, but if the quality is lacking don’t be tempted by the quantity of directories.

  • Low-quality directory listings build a lack of trust with the search engines.
  • Consider the future negative impact of a mediocre directory without management.
  • Managing a substantial number of listings is tough without a quality listing management service.
  • A broad approach is more likely to result in bad data distribution that harms search visibility.
  • Authority and relevance are hard to achieve when prioritizing quantity over quality.

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Access the Top Listing Management Services and Directory Network

Advice Local operates the best listing management services for agencies and local marketing partners. Our services include citation building, voice search readiness, white-label reports and the leading business data distribution network. To see for yourself, call (214) 310-1356  or request a demo now.

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Local citation building benefits

If you’ve been providing listing management services to small businesses for any length of time, you surely understand the power of citations. Citations have been a local ranking factor for many years now, and are an integral part of a wide-ranging SEO strategy. But the fact that citations are ever-present in local SEO also makes it easy to lose focus on their many benefits. Here’s why we love citations at Advice Local – and want to make it as easy as possible for you to build them.

Benefits of Local Citations for Small Businesses and Brands

Are you unsure of the benefits of local citation building, or need to articulate to your clients exactly why their business needs them? Just consider the following reasons.

Local Citation Management Is Critical for SEO

Every local SEO strategy for small business clients needs local citations. Also called local search citations or SEO citations by some in the industry, these mentions on authoritative directories directly help companies improve their organic search placement. And while Google is often reluctant to discuss SEO factors, industry experts like those at Search Engine Journal indicate that the search engine uses local citations as a ranking signal in the local pack and in localized organic results.

Citations Help You Build a Diverse Link Profile

To increase your clients’ local presence and future-proof search results for algorithm updates, diversifying link profiles is essential. Citation building may seem like a fairly limited strategy on the surface, yet it actually lets you get featured on directories, review platforms, local community sites, specialized vertical directories and more. You may recall that in our questions to ask before hiring a citation builder we recommended checking both the quality and diversification of a distribution network.

Local Citations Are Vital for Hyperlocal Search Marketing

Citation building also ties into one of our favorite small business strategies – hyperlocal SEO. Hyperlocal is a particularly effective method right now, as Google is prioritizing proximity as one of its key search metrics. At Advice Local, businesses listed with us actually get a free listing on BubbleLife and a premium Judy’s Book listing. In addition, we also provide the option to get listed on Nextdoor within our system. These services let you drill down to highly specific geographical areas, delivering targeted search results.

Citations Are Adaptable to Changing Circumstances

Things change, and your clients may need to modify certain aspects of their businesses fairly frequently. From changing locations or opening a new branch, adjusting hours of operation and updating photos, listings will definitely require adjustment. Unlike many other types of backlinks, citations can be amended with minimal disruption. In fact, using our real-time listings management, you can find and fix inaccurate citations for a local business and keep the important details updated.

More Reasons to Love Local Citations

  • Build Reputation – Accurate citations on quality platforms act as trust signals for search engines and consumers, showing credibility for a business.
  • Improve Discoverability – Consumers are more inclined to search for businesses while in close proximity to their location. Focus on local citations to take advantage of mobile searches.
  • Deliver Low-Cost, Converting Traffic – By placing a company listing on a variety of business listings, your client can reach targeted consumers interested in the products and services they have to offer.

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Expert Citation Building Services for Agencies and Local Marketers

Advice Local provides top-quality listing management and develops citation building tools for agencies and brand partners. We make building your local business clients’ citations and growing their search visibility easy. To try our local presence management dashboard for yourself, call (214) 310-1356 or request a demo now.

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Local SEO for digital agencies

As all successful agency owners know, a consistent local SEO strategy is vital for increasing search visibility. At Advice Local, we have long promoted the benefits of local listing management software, citation building and other proven SEO methods. But as you are probably aware, SEO takes time – and the more complex the strategy, the less profit an agency typically retains. Today we’re offering an alternative way to create an SEO strategy that requires minimal maintenance, yet delivers client satisfaction and profitable returns.

The Critical Elements of a Local SEO Strategy

The best local SEO strategies integrate personalized methods (content creation and social media strategies tailored for each client) with streamlined services (real-time data distribution and hands-off citation building). Here are the main elements of a local SEO strategy for small business clients.

Optimize Business Listings

In the past, agencies could rely on a set-and-forget approach to business listings. Today however, with Google and others aiming to deliver up-to-the-minute information to searchers, the GBP (Google Business Profile), Bing Places, as well as similar platforms need more direct involvement. While each directory does vary, here are some recommendations for a GBP listing.

  • Add NAP, opening hours, a description and attributes.
  • Maintain consistent data using our GBP Sync tool.
  • Add high-quality images that showcase the business.
  • Create Google Posts featuring offers, events and updates.
  • Respond to every customer review, positive and negative.
  • Monitor profile quality with our Google Authority Score.

Take Advantage of Data Aggregators

When it comes to understanding local SEO, it’s critical to truly grasp the concept that Google, Bing and others strongly want to avoid conflicting business data. When search engines can’t determine the exact location of a business, they are quite reluctant to give it prominence. Fortunately, you can avoid instances of bad data by syndicating consistent information to every significant listing platform.

To help accomplish this, Advice Local uses data aggregators to distribute your clients’ information to every important search engine, directory and mobile app. And if that data needs to be changed, our real-time solution gets the job done.

Use GPS and Mapping Apps

From smartphones to in-dash navigation, it has never been easier for people to reach local businesses while on the move. When consumers look up a local store they could easily be making a purchase – within minutes. Consequently, any serious local SEO strategy must incorporate GPS and mapping apps. You can submit your clients’ data manually or use our GPS accelerators for straightforward syndication.

Simplified Reporting

As an agency reporting back to clients, you must not overlook the reporting aspect of local SEO. Companies want to know what you’ve done and how the strategy is working. Thankfully, by partnering with the right local SEO software company you will benefit from automated reporting. Clients receive a detailed monthly SEO report – complete with your agency branding.

Get Found With Voice Search

We’ve intentionally left this critical component of a local SEO strategy until last. But just because voice search doesn’t get enough attention, you certainly should not be among those ignoring it. As part of a collection of listing management services, voice search optimization reaches Siri, Alexa, Cortana, Google Home and other uses in your clients’ local areas. And while you might not know it yet, at Advice Local we let you create voice apps in moments – directly through our dashboard solution.

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Simple Local SEO for Marketers and Digital Agencies

Advice Local helps agency clients streamline their SEO and local marketing strategies with high-quality tools. Our listing management software offers simple solutions for local presence management. To see for yourself, request a demo now or call (214) 310-1356.

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Local listing management services

Anyone familiar with local SEO and marketing will recognize the importance of local listing management. And you probably also know just how time-consuming that claiming, managing and updating listings can be. Fortunately there is a solution to this problem – local listing management software. Are you skeptical about putting your clients’ businesses in the hands of data syndication services? Then take a look at some of the benefits.

Main Benefits of Using Local Listing Management Software

An effective local listing strategy typically involves distributing accurate, consistent business data to a wide array of platforms. To achieve this goal you have two possibilities – the do-it-yourself approach or the done-for-you method. As you will see, partnering with an online listing management software provider usually makes the most sense.

Focus On High-Value Areas of Business

Submitting and managing local listings is undoubtedly a time-intensive process. And when bad data can cause incredible damage to a business’ SEO potential and reputation, there is an incentive to get each listing right. Using quality software lets you put your clients’ listings safely into reliable hands, allowing you to focus on high ROI activities.

Create Enhanced Business Listings

Citation submissions are essential to local SEO, but you must also consider the customers who are using the directory platforms. Users want to access pertinent business data to help them locate an address, find opening hours, see quality images and read reviews. Software ensures that every listing maintains the same high standards for each platform.

Reach Broader Audiences

We recently discussed how data accelerators help with local presence management. Among the benefits of using Advice Local’s Data Amplifier Network is the sheer number of distribution partners we work with. When you want to reach customers across every type of service and site, you really need access to a local listing management service.

Get Real-Time Updates

Manually adjusting existing listings every time a business makes changes is a substantial drain on your time and resources. In contrast, listing management software often uses real-time updates, maintaining consistency across the distribution network.

Maintain NAP Consistency

Google, Bing and other search engines naturally intend to deliver correct listings to their users. Yet we have witnessed (and frequently discussed) the damage done to local businesses caused by bad data in business listings. An inconsistent name, address and phone number (NAP) makes it hard to trust a business. Listing software resolves this issue by distributing from a single, accurate source.

Increase Search Engine Visibility

Citation submissions are one of the critical factors determining prominence in the local pack listings. And while Google emphasizes the business’ proximity to the searcher’s location, citations still influence search visibility.

Target the Expanding Voice Search Market

The rise of assistants like Alexa and Siri shows that local businesses need a clear voice search strategy. Crucially, voice search is used to research local companies and also to shop directly from mobile devices. With the help of listing management software, businesses can maintain voice search readiness across significant brands.

Take Advantage of GPS Platforms

Similarly, GPS business listings have grown in importance as more people look for businesses while on the move. However, there are so many in-dash navigation, mapping apps and GPS solutions that manual submission is less than practical.

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Access the Leading Local Listing Management Software

Advice Local works with agencies and local marketers and offers superior listing management software. To try out our listing management solution, Enhanced GBP Tool and other local presence management options, request a demo today or call (214) 310-1356.

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Mapping apps for local businesses

From the initial research phase to getting directions to the business’ location, consumers are increasingly taking advantage of mapping apps. As a leading provider of GPS business listing services, over the years we’ve seen firsthand the rise in proximity-based searches. And with big brands dominating most general searches, local map searches are a primary area where agencies can deliver massive value to their clients. If you don’t have a GPS data distribution system in place, here’s what you need to know.

Why Map Apps Matter for Local Businesses

In their simplest form, map apps chart the locations of points of interest around the world. But as products like Google Maps and Apple Maps have continued to develop, today they offer searchers so much more.

Business listings naturally include a name, address and phone number (NAP), but they might also include customer reviews, a description, questions and answers, photos and attributes. And with as many as 46% of Google searches having local intent, this offers a valuable sales tool for local businesses.

What Map Apps and In-Dash Navigation Solutions Matter More Than Ever?

Last year, you may remember we suggested five mapping apps and navigation solutions you can’t ignore. Of course, the ever-popular Google Maps was present, along with Apple Maps and Waze. However, we have consistently advocated for a broader syndication approach that targets a host of GPS devices and in-dash navigation systems, as well as those emerging technologies such as self-driving cars.

The ability to get found wherever people are searching is one of the most straightforward ways to reach targeted consumers. According to Google, 88% of people who conduct a local search via smartphone end up visiting the store within one week. Now consider the same outcome for a person using Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Ford, Mazda and other in-dash navigation solutions.

More often than not, consumers using mapping apps are deep into the buying cycle, so a carefully crafted GPS directory listing can be enough to secure a new customer. With minimal effort, your local business clients can get real-world results from a broad-reaching mapping app strategy.

How to Get Listed on Mapping Apps

If you’ve been following Advice Local for a while you already know we are committed to distributing business listings far and wide – while also eradicating bad data. But why does this matter? Well, to succeed long-term your local clients must be discoverable on both the obvious platforms like Google Maps, and the smaller services that are just emerging. You cannot ignore these. It’s crucial that they receive accurate, consistent data to satisfy the needs of consumers.

Our Data Amplifier Network meets both demands by distributing consistent business data to a vast network of platforms – mapping apps, GPS POI databases, devices like Garmin and TomTom, wearables, in-dash navigation and more.

Getting Found on Map Apps

Last but not least, the data you provide to each platform matters. Take advantage of the chance to offer keyword-rich descriptions, opening hours, high-quality images – and any other option the mapping app allows. Our listing management services provide opportunities for optimization, and this can truly make all the difference in visibility. When allied with customer reviews and search proximity, optimized listings have the best chance of being discovered by targeted consumers in the area.

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Best Mapping Apps and GPS Data Distribution Services

For local businesses to get found on mapping apps, in-dash navigation and other GPS platforms they need a data distribution service they can trust. Advice Local works with local marketers and agencies in syndicating data to the critical platforms. To find out more, request a demo or call (214) 310-1356 today.

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5 New Year’s Tips to Help Agencies Have a Profitable Year

As 2022 came to an end we looked back at Advice Local’s most popular local search topics of the year. With 2023 officially up and running, we’d like to offer some recommendations on how to ensure a profitable year. From our listing management services to our Enhanced GBP Tool, we always like to give our agency partners an edge over the competition. So with that in mind, here are our five tips for the year ahead.

5 New Year’s Tips for a Profitable 2023 for Your Agency

The prime goal for agencies and local marketers is to help their clients succeed. Here are five ways to achieve this aim.

1. Remember, Offering Better Tools to Your Clients Means Better Results

The online demands of local businesses have grown dramatically in recent years. Of course, local clients want to be found in Google – but they also want visibility on voice apps, popular review platforms, alternative search engines and more. Because a wide-reaching local presence demands the use of tools, integrating these into your agency operations is more important than ever.

2. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Communication is at the heart of a good client-agency relationship. From brand identity and project goals to new milestones and unexpected challenges, talking to your clients ensures that both parties understand the direction of travel. For example, our reporting solutions make it easy to deliver white-label reports to clients with minimal effort.

3. Happy Clients Equals Repeat Clients

In last year’s Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Digital Marketers, over-delivering for clients was a key theme. We’ve found that focusing on local visibility and brand reputation is a path to pleasing customers consistently. We built our listings management tool to boost Google visibility for your local business clients, while allowing us to monitor and quickly respond to changes in a business’ NAP data.

4. Move Quickly Without Sacrificing Quality

In online business, speed of implementation can make all the difference. For an agency or local marketer, clients expect changes to be made quickly and for issues to be resolved without fail. At Advice Local, we like to facilitate this need for fast action using integration tools. From syncing Google Business Profile (GBP) client data to monitoring reputation, influence and engagement, agencies can make smart changes without delay.

5. Partnerships Fuel Your Growth

Scaling your operations is a crucial way to be more profitable this year. And the simplest method for low-risk growth is through strategic partnerships. Our Data Amplifier Network is an excellent example of working with a distribution network of quality partners that helps us distribute data far and wide.

There are many types of service providers you can partner with to offer quality services to your clients. Determine what their needs are – then find the solutions you can resell to them. This will help your clients while also making your own business more profitable.

Take Your Local Agency to the Next Level With Advice Local

If you like the sound of our 2023 tips and want to start implementing them, Advice Local has the tools to help. From our innovative GBP tools to client-friendly reporting, we can help you deliver a first-class local marketing service. Request a demo to try our local presence management tools for yourself, or call us at (214) 310-1356.

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2022 local marketing blog posts

2022 was another big year for local marketing, with plenty of new updates, insights and strategies to discuss. As always, a lot was happening within the Google ecosystem, but we also saw innovations across the wider local search marketing sphere. Each year at Advice Local we highlight the most popular blog posts and draw attention to some content you may have missed. So, let’s start our roundup of the year with the post that gained the most traffic in 2022.

10 Most Popular Local Search Posts of 2022

1. Google Business Profile Features You Can’t Get Elsewhere

You probably won’t be too surprised by the topic of our most popular blog post of the year – the Google Business Profile (GBP). An optimized GBP remains one of the most effective ways to improve search visibility and grab an all-important local pack position. In 2022 Google made some significant updates to the service, and Advice Local was on the scene with the product features you need to succeed.

2. Best Practices for Writing Business Listing Descriptions

Business listing descriptions can be one of the most challenging parts of creating a profile – and this point was highlighted by our runner-up for the most popular article. In this post, we offered some best practices for crafting engaging business descriptions, from building a keyword list to demonstrating credibility.

3. The Value of Near Me Search Optimization in 2023

2022 saw a lot of discussion around the topic of “near me” searches in Google. The late 2021 Google Vicinity update led to some sites losing local pack placements after a crackdown on business name spam. But was this the end of “near me” search optimization? In this article, we looked at why hyperlocal optimization still matters.

4. Google Maps Is Now Featuring Updates From Customers

During the early part of the year, agencies and local marketers began to pay attention to a Maps update from Google. An “Updates from customers” feature allowed users to submit their own business photos along with a message. This post focused on the need for close business listing management, as Google looked to roll out additional user-generated content features.

5. Mapping Apps & Navigation Solutions You Can’t Ignore

This blog post looked at one of the core aspects of search visibility for local businesses – mapping apps and in-dash navigation solutions. Along with outlining the importance of a mapping and GPS navigation strategy, we listed our top picks for the best mapping apps your clients should be listed on.

6. Is “Near Me” Search Optimization Effective in 2022?

A second “near me” search optimization article in our top 10 highlights the interest in hyperlocal search in 2022. This blog post offered a strategy for your business clients who lost search visibility from Google’s updates, and showed why relevance, proximity and prominence are so important.

7. A Refresher on Data Aggregators & Why Businesses Need Them

Citations are still a cornerstone of local search marketing, and this doesn’t look likely to change. However, any approach to citation building needs to focus on data accuracy and distribution to quality listings platforms. In this post from February 2022 we looked at data aggregators – platforms that distribute business data to hundreds of relevant sites.

8. A Google Business Profile Roundup, Including Dispelling a GBP Myth

Straightforward GBP errors consistently prevent quality businesses from achieving significant local pack visibility. We used this particular post to address a couple of GBP myths and mistakes that we have noticed, including a common link-building mistake that keeps reappearing.

9. Justifications Are Appearing in Google Maps, Images & More

In this article from June, we covered two GBP topics to improve search visibility. The first update was Google’s addition of justifications for Maps mobile, which included business categories and review snippets. The second key update demonstrated the importance of adding images to a GBP.

10. These Key Factors Can Influence the Local Pack in Many Ways

The big three ranking factors made up a key local search theme of 2022. These factors are relevance, proximity and prominence, and in this blog post we detailed how they influence local presence – and why they matter to local businesses.

Honorable Mentions Go to These Local Search Articles

These additional popular articles that our readers loved deserve an honorable mention!

How to Improve a Website’s Placement With the Right Content

This article was published back in 2019, but it’s just as relevant today. The post shows the right way to create content to improve a website’s placement.

Why Business Listings Are Essential for Local Businesses

Why do we keep returning to the subject of business listings? To be brief, their importance should never be underestimated. This post demonstrated why business listings are so essential – and which platforms are most crucial.

How to Run a Google Business Profile Audit & Why It Matters

Auditing a Google Business Profile usually highlights opportunities to enhance a listing. Back in November of 2022 we outlined an auditing method for agencies and local marketers to use with their clients’ profiles.

Our Most Popular Local Search Post (Published in 2015)

How to Submit a Business Listing to Foursquare

This post deserves a mention because it was published in 2015 – yet still managed to win over the most visited article of 2022. Follow the step-by-step guide to submitting a business listing to Foursquare.

A Popular Local Search Post Published in 2021

2021 Local Search Ranking Factors – Applying Them in 2022

This local search ranking post (published at the end of 2021) is second runner-up in 2022 over all the other topics for traffic. Interestingly, an article on the Local Ranking Factors made the top 10 last year, receiving the most traffic in 2021.

Most Visited Product Page

Enhanced GBP Tool for Agencies

Our Enhanced GBP Tool was a big success in 2022, with agencies loving the GBP Sync, GBP Auto-Rejection, Google Authority Score and Profile Insights features. Try it for yourself and see how easy it is to optimize a GBP listing.

Most Visited Resource

Applying E-A-T to a Google My Business Listing

Google EAT was as relevant as ever in 2022, and we were pleased to provide a leading resource on the subject. Our downloadable content showed how to apply Google EAT to a GBP listing for an improved Google authority score.

That brings our most popular local search content of 2022 to a close. If you’re looking for our prediction on the big theme for 2023, the safest bet is with the Google Business Profile. Continuing the theme of 2022, the GBP will surely be at the forefront of local search marketing for the upcoming year.

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Level Up Your Local Marketing Strategies in 2023

2023 will be another busy year at Advice Local with new digital marketing insights and strategies. If you want to offer the best services to your local business clients, make sure to stay tuned to our local marketing blog.

We also operate the industry’s leading local presence management tool, providing real-time listings management and data distribution. Request a demo today or call (214) 310-1356 to learn more.

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Near me local search optimization

In recent years, one of the most common questions in the local marketing space relates to the value of “near me” search optimization. As developers of Enhanced Google Business Profile tools and listing management services, it is something we are deeply engaged with. Do “near me” searches still matter, or has the search landscape evolved beyond the trend? For a closer look at this subject we’ll start by considering what Google has to say.

The Importance of Near Me Search Optimization

A perhaps surprising statistic released by Google this year was that searches for “open now near me” grew globally by over 400% year over year. While we may have grown accustomed to hyperlocal searches in the digital marketing world, only recently have many consumers shifted their behavior to conducting searches on the go – or with an immediate buying intent.

We can also see similar patterns on the Maps service. Google Maps searches for “shopping near me” grew globally by over 100% year over year. Online shopping may have seen dramatic rises over the last decade, but consumers still want to visit local stores, restaurants, doctors, dentists, car dealerships and a host of other business types.

Today, consumers are consistently turning to search engines to research local businesses. A recent survey, BrightLocal’s Local Consumer Review Survey 2022, highlighted this fact, indicating that 81% of participants used Google to evaluate a business compared to 63% the previous year.

And with “near me” searches taking place on desktop, mobile and voice search – and with varying intent – it’s more important than ever before for businesses to be optimized across diversified platforms, from Google and Bing to hyperlocal directories – sites like Bubblelife, NextDoor and MapQuest.

Google Is Focused on Hyperlocal

A reason some are skeptical about “near me” search optimization comes from Google’s Vicinity update. One aspect of the update was the push to tackle Google Business Profile (GBP) spam in business names. With some companies adding “near me” to their name, Google took measures to penalize this attempt to hack the popularity of the search term.

The Vicinity update meant that under some circumstances, Google treated “near me” searches as an indicator of proximity instead of a keyword-matching phrase. And some businesses have suffered from this adjustment, but many others have continued to gain visibility in the local pack and maps.

Why? This is because a “near me” search indicates hyperlocal interest. Therefore, Google wants to show GBPs, listings and websites are the closest, most relevant and prominent results.

Taking a Comprehensive Approach to Near Me Search Optimization

You may remember we discussed dominating Google search results using local business listings. The concept involved getting multiple local pack and organic search results for the same keyword. With an optimized GBP, widely distributed listings and a quality website, this approach is highly achievable.

A well-optimized GBP will appear in the local pack when, along with proximity, it also demonstrates quality and relevance. To achieve this you can follow our GBP optimization tips, including name, address and phone number (NAP) details and opening hours. Advice Local partners can use GBP Sync to guarantee data consistency, and use the available auto-reject public edits feature to ensure unwanted changes are not implemented. These are just a few of the GBP features available within our partner dashboard.

However, understand that focusing solely on a GBP is essentially an oversight. Listings sites frequently appear in organic search for locally-relevant searches, increasing the visibility of a business. For example, a study by Fresh Chalk found that for every Google query containing a city and business category, Yelp appears in the top five search results 92% of the time.

Listings platforms are designed to help businesses hit the metrics of proximity (NAP details, integrated maps and local categorization), relevance (business categories, product details and keyword-rich descriptions), plus prominence (reviews and accolades). Consequently, as long as an agency develops and maintains accurate data for a business, with the help of listing management services such as ours, the business is highly likely to be rewarded in “near me” search.

Of course, a business website also provides opportunities to reach local searchers. Citations from business listings still play a role in search visibility, along with locally-relevant content. In fact, data from Sterling Sky indicates that adding “near me” onto a website had positive results for “near me” searches. If a business has multiple locations, developing targeted location pages will also help.

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The post The Value of Near Me Search Optimization in 2023 appeared first on Advice Local.